Saturday 16 May 2020

Flowers at God's Window #Graskop #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

Hi Friends,

Flowers are lovely and there is nothing that beats them in terms of giving the divine pleasure to the eyes and the heart. They are truly a gift from nature and we shall continue to take their photos and share with the world. 
Why do people and governments make parks and botanical gardens? 

It's always to bring pleasure to human beings in terms of fragrance, beauty, symmetry and asymmetry, design, and colors of the best gifts of nature. Each country spends a huge amount of money to maintain these beautiful gifts of nature and there are jobs assigned to create and take care of the garden. 
But that doesn't mean flowers will survive where they are taken care of, at the God's Window there is no gardener in view but the flowers survive in their natural habitat without the disturbance of human hands. 
Nature has it the way of taking care of human beings and flowers are something that brings happiness to the minds of people who needs hope, they are presented to the sick and needy to wish him to get well soon, they are presented to the dead to pay homage, they are presented to the partners for the representation of the love towards each other. 
God's Window is a beautiful place to spend a few hours in the evenings and morning amidst nature and the view to live for. They have a tropical rainforest walk which is around 100meters and it is really great to walk through to reach God's Window. All photos are taken by Aashish Rai using Nikon D7000 and an 18-105mm kit lens. 

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