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Saturday, 30 May 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview

Hi Friends, 

I received this DJI Osmo Action camera for review for 2 weeks from DJI - Core Group and what a camera it is. I have never used any of the action cameras before and this was my first time ever with this category of cameras. It was during the time of Jacaranda bloom when I had this opportunity to test the capabilities of this action camera. The video is live on my youtube channel.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
DJI Osmo Action has a built-in battery that helps you to take videos on the go and directly competes with the famous GoPro range of products. I really loved the front screen which is really helpful in case you are doing some kind of vlogging and selfies. I took the Osmo Action for a cycle tour when I went to to the PWC Bike Park and did some cycling there along with my daughter. I also took the shots of the earthen Diya on the occasion of Diwali or during those days and the camera became too hot as it was kept almost at around 6-12 cms away from the same and it shot non-stop for around 6 minutes 45 seconds in low-light conditions.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
Let's check out the configuration DJI Global has been able to pack up in this 124 grams of technology. The front screen is 1.4 inches with 300 PPI and the back screen is 2.25 inches with 325 PPI. The camera sensor is 12 megapixels and the device is capable to take 4K videos at various frames per second and on the lower edge, it can take 720p videos with equal grace.  The device is also capable to take slow motions, timelapse and HDR videos. You can put a micro-SD card up to 256 GB for capturing all your stills and videos. The rechargeable battery is Lithium Polymer with 1300 mAh capacity which gets charged fully in around 90 minutes and can give output for around 2 hours easily if shooting in 1080p and 60 minutes if shooting in 4K video settings. DJI always gives plenty of More Packages which generally includes extra batteries and various kinds of attachments to make your experience worthwhile by spending some extra rands. The DJI Osmo Action is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi technologies to make your content transfer easy. Also, the camera can go up to -11 degrees temperature and can go waterproof until the depth of 11 meters. It can take up to 8x slow-motion videos and also UHD quality images on the go.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
The things I fell in love with this device are 

Rock-Steady stabilization - As you can see the videos from the cycle tour, I am just holding the camera in my hands without any gimbal or any kind of monopod as the attachments that came with the same, I was not at all aware how to use them. The device just came in a black box without any manuals and those attachments which don't have that screw thread mount generally found in the cameras underneath.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
Weight and Weather Proof - The device is so light to carry all day even in your jacket pockets and can be taken out to film whatever you want to showcase to the world. With just 125 grams of weight,  you can easily attach a monopod and can take this device around the world.

Dual Screens - As already told earlier that it will definitely put the focus on the photographer to be in the picture too and in all those family videos where you don't have to be on the other side of the camera. vLoggers will love to capture all their daily routines and adventure sports using this camera.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
I didn't like the low light performance of DJI Osmo Action as there was a lot of noise in the pictures as well as videos. This is not built for any kind of night action is what I felt but maybe there must be some settings or firmware updates that have come to tackle these situations too.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
But will you buy this DJI OSMO Action or go for GO PRO range of products? 

DJI Osmo Action is priced at R6000 and GoPro Hero 7 Black is also retailing around R6500 in the same price range at at the time of writing this post. The difference which I could see between the action camera is that DJI has a full-HD colored front display which is not there in Hero 7 as it has an LCD display which only shows battery life, memory capacity, and shooting mode. Hero 7 ha vertical shooting mode for Instagram stories which is totally missing in the DJI Osmo Action camera. Hero 7 also is linked to various social media channels and you can do live streaming using this device whereas there is no direct link on DJI Osmo Action for the same but DJI Mimo App does a lot of fun stuff and can share it if you connect your camera to your smartphone automatically. Hero 7 is waterproof till only 10 meters where DJI Osmo Action can go 1 meter more.
#TheLifesWayReviews - DJI Osmo Action #OsmoAction @DJIGlobal #ProductReview
So in the end, it just depends on your choice but I totally loved using the DJI Osmo Action portable camera and can take it on my various journeys if I ever want an adventure camera. I had to return this review unit after two weeks and in between those I was able to shoot various videos. Just checked the same is going for USD 279 (R 4550) including an extra charging kit (extra 2 batteries) till June 23, 2020, on the DJI website Summer Sale to be delivered to the USA. I hope it will make your life full of adventure while you UNLEASH YOUR OTHER SIDE!

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