Monday 18 May 2020

Spinach Chaat @ThavaIndian Restaurant @MontecasinoZA #Jozi #SA

Hi Friends, 

Spinach Chaat is one of the snacks which is only introduced in the menu at Thava Restaurant at Montecasino, Johannesburg, South Africa. The first time I saw the same on the menu, I ordered it immediately and now whenever I go to the restaurant I generally order 2 plates for the family. 
Spinach Chaat at Thava Restaurant, Johannesburg, South Africa
Spinach Chaat at Thava Restaurant, Montecasino, Johannesburg, South Africa
Chaat in general terms is made by the Chutneys - be it mint or tamarind to add to the flavor and the sensation on the tongue. If their chutneys are not great, chaat won't be worthy of any mention wheresoever. Not only this chaat is healthy but yummy too. I am sure you won't stop at one plate ever. 
Spinach Chaat @ThavaIndian Restaurant @MontecasinoZA #Jozi #SA
Spinach or Paalak Chaat - Homemade
My family during lockdown tried to create the Spinach or Paalak Chaat at home and this is the version we could come up with. It was tasty but I didn't eat as much I could eat at the restaurant. It's all about the chutneys and the masala they add at the restaurant. If the same is not perfect, you don't want to spend your money on at the restaurant. 

What is your favorite amongst the two? The first photo is taken using Fujifilm X-T100 mirrorless camera and the second one at home using Samsung Note 8 mobile camera by Aashish Rai

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