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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Berlin Falls in #Graskop #SouthAfrica #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

Hi Friends,

On our trip to Sabie - Graskop and adjoining areas, there are so many waterfalls that after some time you will say that let's see something else. 
Berlin Falls in #Graskop #SouthAfrica #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
Berling Falls is 80m in height and forms a candle-like fall of water which looks really lovely and unique in its own terms. Generally, at most of the tourist places, these plaques are installed by the SA Tourism and Government but soon taken away by the people visiting them so at most of the places it is no longer there. It's a pure theft which shall not be done at least at the tourist places.
Berlin Falls in #Graskop #SouthAfrica #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
The entry ticket is R10 per person which guard takes at the boom gate without any receipt or something. If you are walking without any car then he doesn't charge you as we were staying very near this place, I took a trip early in the morning to the same and saw the falls on my jogging/walk. I don't think he was even there at that time. 
Berlin Falls in #Graskop #SouthAfrica #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
If you staying in Graskop or Sabie towns you are already in the middle of some of the great mountain ranges and you will feel right in nature. You will be able to feel the fresh air and it can rain at any time of the day. 
Berlin Falls in #Graskop #SouthAfrica #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
If you are a fan of waterfalls this region will provide you with numerous accounted for and various unseen hiking trails waterfalls which will not only challenge your skills but also you will feel relaxed in the jungle. All the photos are taken by Aashish Rai using Nikon D7000 camera and 18-105mm kit lens at Berlin Falls, Graskop, South Africa. Check out my other Waterfall stories on my blog 1. Howick Falls 2. Lisbon Falls 3. Sterkspruit Waterfalls 4. Lone Creek Falls and more are coming for your viewing pleasures.

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