Monday 4 May 2020

Fun Continues @FourwaysFarmers Market #Joburg #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

Hi Friends,

It was so difficult to finish covering the marketplace in a single post hence the post continues to this part where we will get more insights into this lovely place called Fourways Farmers Market. Look at these lovely slices of watermelons which will definitely bring water in your mouth whenever you see them. 
The market has a parking lot and can take up to 50 cars but it gets fulled very soon and then you have to park inside the Montecasino parking which has fees of R10 and is just 10 minutes' walk across the road to the venue. 
The place also offers a lot of local artists to come and perform in front of the happy audience and there are always some kinds of special programs which are advertised in advance for you to schedule your visit to the venue. 
There is local African food in plenty along with Mexican who are making the South African markets a big fan of their products. Sushi and Italian Pasta is anyways everyone's favorite and you will find so many Italian restaurants at every corner of the road. 
Here is a food truck of prawns and many more items which were selling like hotcakes and people were queuing on the side of this shop a lot. 
There are so many passionate people who are on the other side serving the food to inspire you to enjoy the great food made with passion
The people come there just looking their best and if I say this is a fashion capital then it won't be wrong too. There are many people who were taking a lot of photographs to be shared on their Instagram pages and this place is totally worthy of their efforts too. All the photos are taken by Aashish Rai using Canon 100D camera using a 50mm Prime lens.

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