Tuesday 19 May 2020

The Chiffonnier with Style and Elegance #JohannesburgCBD #SouthAfrica

Hi Friends,

South Africa is definitely a Rainbow Nation - not only in terms of its diverse cultural and rich heritage, not only in terms of its different nationalities of people living here but also in terms of the way their body moves on the beats and how they dress.
You might be rich or poor - the quality of cloth might be good or bad but the style quotient and the statement it makes it huge and impactful. The lady is a ragpicker in Johannesburg CBD and on one of my Instagram meets I asked her permission to take her photos and offered her some money. She was very happy to receive the money but in all this, I forgot to even ask her name after the greetings. Look at her confidence in the first picture just like a professional model will hold their gaze. 
I was not aware of his fact till now when I thought of posting her picture on the forum so this is one of the biggest mistakes we do in our lives that we are occupied in our skills so much that we forget to give the other person proper respect and take them for granted. Lesson Learnt!

The photos are taken by Aashish Rai using Canon 100D and prime Lens or nifty-fifty 50mm lens in Johannesburg Central Business District, South Africa.

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