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Friday, 22 May 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews @TheDeskStand Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table #ProductReview

Hi Friends, 

The Desk Stand is a Cape Town-based South African company run by Mr. Ryan Roberts who is the founder and the brain behind the ergonomics of these amazing standing DeskStands and Laptop/Desktop accessories to take away the pain he suffered from. Ryan suffered from severe back pain and could not do office work easily which led to his Industrial Product Designer mind starting working in full capacity. After going through various prototypes for DeskStand, he completed his design in 2014 which also won him the runner up design award at Design Indaba in 2015, and soon the product was launched to the market in Feb 2015. This also helped me work without any pain and his posture also improved significantly over the years and now he enables all of the consumers and saves them thousands of rands in money as well as physical, mental, and emotional pain due to diseases led by the wrong ergonomics.
#TheLifesWayReviews @TheDeskStand Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table #ProductReview
After seeing a lot of posts on the DeskStand Instagram channel and various people enjoying the same, I finally waited for some kind of sale. I ordered my Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table when it came in a sale on 25th Sep 2018 for around R395 including delivery at my doorsteps. I was so happy to have ordered the Wavy Laptop DeskStand and it came to me within 3 days and I started using the same by 28th Sep 2018. Soon I found this to be not up to the mark I thought it to be from the pictures on various social media pages and the product also didn't hold well as the legs were not even and holding point was not fully structured which led to my laptop falling several times. Soon within less than 10 times of use, the edge holding one of the legs broke and it totally came out from the wavy table. I wrote about the experience on their review posts but nothing happened and that was the end of my story for DeskStand until 2020 COVID came. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @TheDeskStand Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table #ProductReview
Ryan sent an email asking me how is my DeskStand working out of the blue which I never expected from him after such a long time and soon I sent him the photos of the broken pieces of the wavy stand which was there in between the almirahs somehow waiting for this day. Immediately, Ryan offered to send me a new Wavy Laptop Bed table free of charge and took my address and sent the same to the concerned department on Apr 6th 2020. Soon enough after the lockdown was relaxed and DeskStand started delivering the products, I got my new table on 11th May 2020. This one is completely stable and holds my laptop and other accessories quiet well. I am so happy with the customer service and satisfaction, Ryan has brought me. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @TheDeskStand Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table #ProductReview
Coming back to the Wavy Table which is made from 9mm Baltic Birch Plywood which can support up to 5 kilograms of weight. I don't think any laptop is more than that so it can easily take your breakfast and coffee also. I generally use the same for my journal writing and reading books on kindle as it supports the hands quite nicely other than the regular use of laptop and mouse for writing these blog posts. I really love the design of folding legs, 6 ventilations lines to let the warm air from any laptop distributed and a 6mm groove to keep your pens, etc all around the table length and breadth. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @TheDeskStand Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table #ProductReview
The overall height of the product is 24cm, width is 54cm, depth is 36cm and folded height is only 4cm so it can be easily stored when not in use under your bed or on the space between bed and side-table. The wavy table weighs around 1.5 kilograms. Also, the same when used on any other table can be easily converted to hold your screen or display, and also you can even work in the standing position while your laptop rests on the capable Wavy DeskStand. I am thinking of now using the Wavy laptop stand for product photography for all the reviews I am going to do in the near future. I just wish that the lacquer coating should have been done on the inside of the vents and also on the legs and the overall body of the ply to make it smooth but it might add to the cost and also will make the plank slippery. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @TheDeskStand Wavy Sit-Stand Laptop Bed Table #ProductReview
Not only this, but the product also comes with 60 days return guarantee, 1-year warranty, free lifetime support on call and worldwide shipping so if you know someone suffering from back pain or need to be ergonomically better, then you can order for them by gifting this unique range of products. I myself is now changing house and there is no study table so I am again on the lookout for a sale where I can order a JUMBO DeskStand which can really hold on to several devices needed to shoot my Youtube Videos and also help me during the editing which can happen anywhere with the help of Jumbo DeskStand even in the balcony on a rainy evening or inside near the sofa or even on the corner of the bed. Moreover, it gives more flexibility to adjust the height as per your body structure, as I am 5 feet 10 inches it will definitely improve the overall ergonomics for my body and back. RATING For WAVY DeskStand 4.5/5

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