Wednesday 20 August 2014

NDTV Prime - The Bottom Line with EAST INDIA CO.MEDY

Hi Guys!

AAP is full of qualified people; at least they can go back to their jobs in case they are not able to do well in Politics unlike some other party leaders who have nothing to go back to for example Pappu ji.

Our neighboring countries are like the Spice Girls and Modi is like the David Beckham. Many more news items like these with a lot of twist and a comic touch.

Which is better - FIFA or IPL? It's a debate, which nation doesn't want to know...We are not fixing matches in IPL, we are fixing lives. How and why? Check out this video...

News channel keeps running the same news over and over again and we all do need break from the experts sitting in several locations commenting on the topic they also need to learn on…East India Comedy guys have come up with innovative idea to keep you in touch with the General knowledge of what’s happening around the world in their own way. @ndtvPrime #workhardplayhard @EastIndiaComedy

Controversial Goal Line Technology introduced in FIFA – It is a step back in time. Blackmail is the only solution. How and why? Check out this another episode of The Bottom Line. 

What is Governor’s job description? Should the social media be banned in India? – Will it make people become more productive? We should ban social media for politicians. Who wants to read what Tharoor thinks on everything? (We know he is free these days and no home ministry affairs to be taken care of. Lol!) Just because you are wearing a Kurta, doesn’t mean that you understand India. How and why check it out -

Sorabh Pant, Kunal Rao, Sahil Shah, SapanVerma and Azeem Banatwalla will definitely bring a lot of smiles on your faces. This is something totally different from the Rising Stars of Comedy and for knowledge conscious generation, The Bottom line is what matters…It’s a laughter riot between the news and what makes the news!

“Not in the news this week” – Navjot Sindhu has been given Nobel Peace prize for not speaking for 9 whole seconds. LoL! Alia Bhatt thinks Vladimir Putin is a bond villain from Casino Royale, after Sharapova said she doesn’t know Sachin. If Sharapova is a dumb girl, does the whole nation need to make themselves dumb also?

Check out East India Comedy’s take on the Union Budget 14 & Railway Budget Special edition in this episode.

No one puts their Facebook status messages for checking-in Indian Railways just like they do for airplane/airport transfers and check-in’s! Lol!

In another joke, what does each express train signifies and what Chennai Express will make you? Check out in this video link.

PRECIPITATION – Flooding to a theater near you… a movie trailer you won’t want to miss!!!

10 reasons why people from the North East are better than you – Do you know? It’s really nice, logical and intelligent ten pointers for everyone to understand.

What happens when two Khans mates every year on full moon night? All the answers are right there in this 21 minutes episode of The Bottom Line on NDTV Prime.

Keep watching THE BOTTOM LINE till your wife throws the remote as her sleep disturbs by your own loud laughter tracks.

Note- Not all videos of this show are available online in Youtube. Check NDTV website for more.