Sunday 10 August 2014

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - April 2013

Hi Guys,

I always wanted to share what has been the stepping stone to my blog and what happened in this particular month last year. It's only today I got the inspiration to actually create and write one and from not onwards it will be a monthly feature where I share my good posts and what happened with those posts. It's a sharing of journey as I can now connect the dots looking backwards.

April 2013 was the month when I was an approved member of Indiblogger community and started writing for their various contests and Indimeets. They organized various meets in April and as I started blogging only to be a part of Indiblogger community, I was very much excited to join all of those meets and make a lot of friends in those meets. It was one of those months when I got serious about pursuing this hobby to blog on and bought this domain also with the help of a friend Murtaza Ali from ApotpourriofVestiges whom I met at my first Indimeet.

1. Sunsilk Perfect Straight - Gentleman's Experience - It was my first Indistuff contest entry on Indiblogger community. Receiving free shampoos to write about was a lovely experience. My family members still miss this shampoo. 

2. My tryst with Indiblogger Microsoft Office 365 - It was my first Indiblogger meet at Delhi. I kept my tweets going for the day and finally at the end of the day, I came home with Rs 1500 cash along with Microsoft Arc mouse, Indiblogger tshirt and a lot of memories. It felt really great to meet the whole Indiblogger team and meet a lot of other fellow bloggers. 

3. #HPCONNECTEDMUSIC - Me Myself and Music- This was the most defining post of my life as I won the HP laptop for writing about the music I love. We all love music and I love Bollywood music a lot. HP appreciated it by making this post won their prestigious Sleekbook with Windows8 and Connected Music subscription for an year. I still remember writing this post and asking my friends to read it and provide comments. They didn't liked my song choice but I was adamant to keep what I love in there. I think that paid off and I got the amazing new laptop.

4.  My Dream Business – The Microsoft Office 365 Way - Microsoft launched another contest after Indimeet to write about your dream business using Office 365 package. I won the runner up prize and received free Office 365 package and also an invite to see one of their event at The Lalit Hotel in Delhi. This at that time gave me immense happiness to be recognized from many brands and companies. 

5. Soldier for Women - What I learned from my dad?- I also became member of Blogadda and wrote several contest posts with sure shot vouchers and prizes. This is one of those entries and even before participating in Indiblogger meets and contests, Blogadda sent me a book RIP to review along with a personally signed letter from their CEO Nirav. It really meant a lot and I have treasured that letter in my file at home. Some other entries for the same contest are Soldier for Women - It's us all - Father of daughters!
All other posts are simply about all the contests I won on twitter and facebook and the goodies I received during that month. Twitter gave me an opportunity to test myself with a lot of other young people playing all the contests. I do miss those contests now as I am not able to play them and win.

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