Sunday 17 August 2014

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - August 2013

Hi Guys,

August was the start of Android apps review on my blog. I started this series way back then with my favourite apps without which my android phone is not fully efficient.

1. An Android App a day - 1. MobisleNotes - This is my favourite app which is like notepad to keep notes of my what to do list. Last year, I used it to keep track of the contests won and goodies received or not? 
Various other apps reviewed are - 

2. Indiblogger Gift - Breakthrough Mug - Received Indiblogger Ring the Bell mug and my collection increased by one.

3. My Dream - My DSLR - Nikon D600 - My love for Nikon DSLR and how much I missed having the same? 

4. Twitter Goodies - Nissan Coffee Table book - My first coffee table book I won from Nissan Motors in one of their twitter contests. 

5. Lonely Planet - Short Escapes from Delhi - A Lonely Planets guide to guide me to favourite hotspots near Delhi. I won this in one of their contests. My first Lonely Planets guide and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 


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