Monday 25 August 2014

NDTV Prime -The Rising stars meets their Bottom Line (profits)

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Every state makes songs on their culture but Punjabi’s makes the songs on themselves. Punjabiyaan di battery charge rehndi hai, (kyon baakiyon ki fuse ho gayee kya?); Punjabiyaan di doonh, (baakiyon ki delete ho gayee kya?)

News happen everyday and how East India Co.medy converts it to something to learn and laugh from is amazingly great! East India Co.medy continues to create news in their special avatars and making us laugh every week. Check out what happened the week Humshakals was released in a theatre near you.

More video’s are available on NDTV website. Follow them on twitter @NDTV

Vasu Primlani is one of the best standup artists as I have enjoyed her performance live in Gurgaon on the occasion of launch of Anuvab Pal’s book The Chaos Theory. Check out this video and see for yourself.

She brings a lot of fun with her style and acts. And thanks to @NDTVPrime we are not paying Rs. 400 to watch her and many others. Lol!

Zakir Khan is one of the rising stars of comedy and a special episode especially on him performing in Bangalore. He is a small town guy and how is it to move into a big city and work there will be his context. He also gives great insights into the first love affairs we always wanted and what happens when we are in that phase of life? Relive those moments with this video -

Comedy is something we all seek and enjoy. The Bottom Line and The rising stars of comedy are some of the special shows from NDTV Prime based on their motto of #workhardplayhard Some of the episodes are there in my earlier blog posts and rest of them you can check it on the NDTV website and on your TV’s every Monday and Thursday at 10pm IST.

“You have been a lovely audience” – why do every standup has to say these words even half-heartedly? Is it because he was given a chance to perform or because he wants to keep doing it and make a name/earning for himself or it is just he wants to meet some beautiful women after the show. I need to say it myself and check it out.

Here’s my version then –

Thanks a lot! You have been wonderful & lovely audience (in my case - readers)! Lol!!! Check them out on twitter at following handles - @ndtvPrime #workhardplayhard @EastIndiaComedy @RisingStarsNDTV


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