Saturday 9 August 2014

Product Review - Nokia Lumia 720 + Wireless Cover + Wireless Charger

Hi Guys,

DionWired is an electronic store from the business empire of Walmart & they continue to run Blue Monday sale to clear off their old stock and make way for the new. I always try to see what they have on offer for that day and if price suits me I go for the same.

This week DionWired sold Nokia Lumia 720 which is an outdated model from the house of Nokia & Windows but I wanted the same to test and look what and how these phone works. I have been using Android phones in major proportions all these years since Google G1 and iPhone 3GS for some 2-3 months. 

When I ordered the phone, I never expected that it will come with the wireless charger along with this package. It was a great surprise and sweetened the deal. I really wanted to see how this works and how fast is the charging on Qi devices.

 The package also included the wireless cover for Lumia 720 to enable the wireless charging.

You already know all about the phone features as it's an old model. It has 4.3 inch screen with Gorilla glass. It has 6.7 megapixel Carl Zeiss Lens with a flash built in. The model has expandable memory and inbuilt memory of 8gb. The battery is 2000mAH which gives good output to last a day for average usage. The speakers are loud for music and movies playback. The phone weights 128 grams and with wireless cover some extra 50-60 grams. The pack also includes Nokia Stereo headsets WH-108 which are old designed (not in-ear ones) but the sound quality is nice but they gives cracking sound if moves around a lot as the wire is very thin between the connector and the ear buds. The phone takes micro SIM and has volume buttons on the side. It has Windows 8 operating system and touch screen is fast and responsive.
 The setup was fast and quick if you have an outlook, live, windows or hotmail account. It integrates with all the preinstalled apps and makes the phone work perfectly great. You can quickly go to Microsoft Apps store and install necessary apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype (Lumia 720 has front facing camera), WeChat, Facebook, Gmail etc etc. It has dual core 1ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor which works fine with 512mb RAM.

The wireless plate (DT-900) comes with it's own energy efficient power supply with a long 1.8m cable to keep it always connected to the power plug. You just need to put the phone over the same and the led glows white.

The charging cover has pins which gets inserted into the touch points on the back of the phone and makes this whole thing work. 

HERE Maps app brings a lot of maps functionality with offline guidance capabilities also. 

The sound quality of the phone is loud and awesome. The camera is also nice for starters considering the other new models have better ones. Overall the phone is really nice and has a lot of good features. I bought the same for my dad and considering his skills and needs, it will be a major upgrade to his earlier Nokia phones. 

The Windows 8 OS makes this model really good and I was unable to spend more time with it as I had to send it to India very next day of my purchase but I will really want to review more of the Nokia Lumia devices.

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