Thursday 14 August 2014

Product Review - Kinivo ZX-100 Portable Speaker

Hi Guys,

Not every day I come across a nice portable speaker which takes my minds towards enjoying music anywhere and everywhere. Kinivo ZX 100 is light weight, extremely portable mobile speakers with 3.5mm jack to give you loud and clear sound output. This device comes in various colours and with rechargeable battery this one gives continued music output for long hours.

The speakers design is compact and beautiful. Kinivo ZX100 comes with a port to connect with other similar speakers to create a surround sound.  ZX 100 battery gives you uninterrupted music playback for more than 3-4 hours depending on the volume level. The best part of this device is that 3.5mm jack is tied to the bottom of the device in a nice packable design, so no more losing of cables etc. The charging cable is different and the device can be charged using USB output of laptop and using power adapter also. The box doesn’t include any power charger or adapter. 

Kinivo ZX100 has unique technology called as Expansive Resonator Construction Design (ERCD) to give the best low frequency output. The resonator is designed into the speakers and you switch it on, we just need to twist the top portion of the device. This gives much more bass and sound effects to your music. This small device has got really loud volume outputs. None of my other devices produces sound in volume level like this one. Moreover this has 360 degrees sound output just like Sony NFC BTV5.

There are volume control button (Increase and Decrease) on the device around the four corners of the device. The other two corners buttons are for Power ON/OFF and to connect other speakers.

Kinivo ZX-100 has no Bluetooth built into it which customer demands from Kinivo. I hope the new version of the speakers will have Bluetooth built into these small speakers with no loss of design and compactness. To make these speakers Bluetooth, I connected Sony MW600 to Kinivo ZX-100 and connected wirelessly to my mobile/tablet making it work perfectly with this small setup.

Kinivo has packed a nice small carry pouch in the box to take care of your ZX-100 during non-use and travel. Almost every device which can take 3.5mm jack can work fine with these speakers making them score high. The company also gives 1 year warranty for the product.

Kinivo is an American company manufacturing a lot of bluetooth devices and other speakers to make our day to day living easy. Checkout my another review of Kinivo’s Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit BTC-450.


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