Wednesday 20 August 2014

Movie Review - Drive Hard (2014)

Drive Hard (2014) is a thriller movie about a driving instructor (earlier Motor Racer) taken hostage as a getaway driver to do a bank robbery of US$ 9m bonds. The movie is shot extensively in Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. John Cusack and Thomas Jane are the main actors in this movie.

This movie offers nothing much other than a car journey to other end of Australia and showing the lovely sightseeing en-route. The story is about taking revenge from someone who has betrayed John Cusack earlier. Cusack has played his role in a cool manner and overall story holds good if you enjoy it without any logic or expectations. It's a long talk about family and respect between the two as Cusack brings Thomas Jane to accept reality and offers him some great advice to go after his dreams.

Some of the extra cast has not shown any promising acting and their characters are not properly integrated in the story. They are just there for the sake of being there and then they all die to end the story. You can wait for the movie to be shown on TV and save your money for something better releasing next week.

Movie is releasing in Ster Kinekor on 12th Sep 2014. Book your tickets now. More info on twitter and facebook


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