Sunday 17 August 2014

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2013

Hi Guys,

July being my birthday month is always special for me. My birthday party gave me some great moments to cherish with my family and friends. I continue to receive some of the best goodies from twitter contest and posted a lot of blog posts for the same. Travel blog posts mainly took over due to Blogadda & Indiblogger travel related contests.

1. Product Review - Blogadda - ITC Ultramintz - Awesome Product- Blogadda chose 50 bloggers from India to review this awesome mint from ITC. I received Rs 2000 gift voucher for Wills Lifestyle for the same. It was really awesome feeling to be chosen amongst many to blog about this product.

2. The First Monsoons Rains in Gurgaon - A relief from the summers and I took some of the photographs using my Panasonic FZ5. This post is one of the top 10 posts on my blog. Rain is something which brings a lot of memories and freshness to our lives.

3. Blogadda Michelin Pilot Experience - A leisured trip to WALES, UK - Some of the travel posts and this one is the Top most post on my blog in terms of pageviews. Some other related posts -
A Perfect Road Trip in and around Scotland & UK  - Indiblogger contest
Another Perfect Road Trip to Wales, UK
My Best Drive Across UK

4. Twitter Goodies - Dell_IN Father's Day Contest - One of the best gifts for the twitter contest was sent by Dell India. Soundlogic bluetooth headsets are really great.

5. Usman Riaz Learned Music the Internet Way - Some of the TEDx inspirational videos and this one was Franklin Templeton and Indiblogger contest.Really loved watching all the videos and choosing some to write about them.

Received some other goodies from Superdry, Economic Times, Sony Music, Honda Amaze Garnier Men twitter handles and posts pictures of the same on my blog.


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