Friday 15 August 2014

NDTV Prime - The Rising Stars of Comedy

Hi Guys,

My mom read the news of some celebrity getting a parole from Jail, and commented to me that, “People are getting leaves from Jail also, which corporate big company are you working for that you don’t get even one”? 

Indians parents buy their growing kids clothes always one size bigger so that it can be used for 2-3 seasons. The repercussions of the same are when the kids wear them next season with some alteration, there is a significant color difference and what happens after that is told in one of the new comedy series.
NDTV Prime TV channel has come up with THE RISING STARS OF COMEDY TV series to keep our funny bones trickling. Rising Stars gives great chance to local and upcoming talent to showcase their English & Hinglish standup comedy acts. Check out some of the videos and I am sure these will bring a big smile on your face and your loved ones week after week.

Check out this first video where a divorced guy is living with his Punjabi mother and what happens in his life. It reminds me of a dialogue from “2 States” that there is nothing more dangerous than a Punjabi Mother-in-law. Some of these acts give you a reality check along with the dose of laughter which takes away all your stress in an instance. 

Rising Stars of Comedy takes on NDTV Prime every Monday and Thursday at 22:00 for half an hour. The show will take you out of the working week blues and help you carry on with the rest of the week.

Another video which gives a funny outlook on how your name can create havoc in your life? Here is this guy from Bangalore whose name brings him a lot of interesting incidents. Another guy from Gurgaon, tells his tales of growing up and how it has impacted his buying skills as an adult? This will definitely make you rolling on the floor as it happens everywhere in India. 

Produced by Mother, Directed by Wife!!! Lol!!!

NDTV Prime belives in #WorkHardPlayHard which really is what we do work wise but playing part we always put in for holidays and weekends which leads to stressful living. Here is something to break away from the trend and create a joyous future.

Checkout this third full-fledged 22 min episode by a corporate guy from Ghaziabad and life there. He continues to explore what happens in our Corporate HR programs for employee’s motivation and wellbeing. He has also given insights into the day to day life of unmarried girls in corporate world. This is one of the best episodes of the show and I can bet that you will have stomach aches after watching this one due to laughter.

After watching these three web episodes from the show, I felt so happy and full of enthusiasm to work for the whole week. I can’t wait till the weekend to catch up on all the previous episodes on the internet/ Youtube channels of NDTV. For the current season of episodes, I will have to wait for Monday and Thursday nights and so will you…

The best thing about the Rising Stars of Comedy is that there will always be new talent coming up which will really make this more interesting week after week. I wish by the end of next year, I will also have some courage to take a two minute slot and entertain the crowd. Till that time, I just need to take a back seat and laugh, laugh and just laugh.

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