Saturday 9 August 2014

Product Review - Lowepro CompuDay Photo 150 - Messenger Bag

Hi Guys,

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Photography is a hobby or passion for almost whole world now with the power of smartphones and other smart range of cameras. With never ending quest to take great photographs, the size of cameras are increasing and so is the technology that we carry around everyday.

Lowepro is a camera accessories making company which started 40 years ago in Colorado, USA. They have helped people carry cameras on the backs and shoulders all around the world.

I too was in search of something which I can take to office along with my cameras everywhere. Finally I found Lowepro CompuDay Photo 150 messenger bag. The front flap of the bag has a zipped section to keep keys and space to keep other stuff inside the same. The bag comes with an extra accessory pouch to keep cables and small gear like pendrives etc.

The bag has an adjustable strap along with the nice handle to carry it in one hand. The bag has mesh covered trolley sleeve which can help you put this bag on your luggage for easy transport.
The beauty of this messenger bag is the padded side pocket which holds your DSLR and can be taken out in an instance without opening the main section of the bag. Here is Nikon #D7000 fitting quiet easily into its castle. Also, this castle can be folded in case you are not carrying the camera to work as a normal messenger bag with all the space.

The bag has a space to keep 15.6" widescreen laptop along with a pocket to keep files or iPad etc easily. The bag also has small pockets for your mobile and other device along with space to insert two pens/pencils. It has a mesh chained pocket to keep keys or cash etc.

The quality of material used in the bag is great and I hope that it will last me some years till I upgrade myself to something new.

Here is Samsung Smart Camera #NX300 in the side pocket but as it's a small smart camera it leaves space for separate lens or accessories to carry in the same space. 

Here is the LowePro CompuDay Photo 150 bag with a laptop and iPad and DSLR right in there and now the test it the quality of straps if they can hold the load during day to day usage of the same. There is space available to keep extra lens or both the camera also. Samsung NX300 can easily fit inside after putting Nikon D7000 in the side pocket.

The center handle has only one line of stitching running across the same making it vulnerable if the bag is heavy to carry. The main strap is bonded with the body line of the bag and will have more capacity to carry the load as it runs through by two lines of stitching. This is the general problem I have faced with bags from various manufacturers e.g. laptop bags by Targus that they lose their straps and then chains and other things try to take off. 

This will be my first experience of Lowepro and I have my fingers crossed that it will sustain for a while based on the brands reputation and motto of THE TRUSTED ORIGINAL since 1967! 


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