Sunday 10 August 2014

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - May 2013

Hi Guys,

Last year May was one of the best months of my life, not only I moved into my own apartment but also I received the great news of winning a HP laptop from Indiblogger just one day before actually moving into the new home. Buying a home is the most important dream of our lives and seeing it getting fulfilled was the most grateful moment of Universe. 

My blog posts was random due to the Airtel broadband connection taking numerous calls to get it transferred and N number of calling everyone till the time they actually made it work going past all the reasons they had. 

1.Photo Walk - Khajuraho - A weekend trip in Pics- We had this lovely trip to Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh on Jan 26th and thought of sharing the beauty of temples and place with everyone. One of the most lovely trip with one of my friend from MBA days and his wife. My daughter enjoyed a lot. Also, it was my first long trip on Indian Railways since many years. Check it out!

2. Wimbledon, United Kingdom - On a walk - Wimbledon is one of the most beautiful places in London with a long tennis history. I did went to the place a month before the start of the actual tennis action so that I can reach the place real quick when I go for the match day. Try it!

3. 3 Things my daughter has taught me? - A blog post for the PARLE-G website where I shared my feeling about what I have learned from my daughter? It was posted on their website maintained by Kiran Manral. 

4. My Gourmet Indian Kitchen Party with ITC Chef's - Another Indiblogger contest with sure shot ITC's food packets and they did sent me some packets before just for reviewing purposes. I weaved a story around the same and ordered more stuff which I still use in the form of chutneys and rice masalas. 

5. WeChat with the people I admire - New way to Connect - Another contest by Indiblogger and I wrote about 5 persons whom I love and admire a lot. I really need to think a lot about to narrow it down to 5 people whom I really like. 

Other than these posts, I reviewed several books and goodies which I received or purchased earlier. 

Overall, May 2013 was worth all the efforts of setting up a new home, getting addresses corrected at all the places - bank accounts, internet, mobile connections etc etc. It was tiring but it was worth the effort of moving into your own abode where you don't need to pay rent other than EMI on loan. 


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