Thursday 13 April 2023

Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen in Fine Nib @WriteGearSA @Kaweco_Germany #KawecoBrassSport

Hi Guys,

I fell in love with the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pens when I first saw them on an Instagram post. Since then I have been falling in love on a daily basis with their various variants of pens in different colours. When I went and checked the website of the Kaweco, I came to know about their history going way back to 1883. Kaweco has around 21 types of different ranges of products. Kaweco is a German brand which masters writing instruments mainly fountain pens, rollerball pens, digital, dip pens and mechanical pencils along with other accessories like inks, pen clips etc. Kaweco is available in more than 50 countries. 

I finally took a giant leap to buy my most expensive Fountain Pen yet from Write Gear Store in Cape Town. Please do check out their website and you will enjoy this amazing series of Fountain Pens along with some other inks and stationery products. This is my 10th Fountain Pen in the last 2 years and my first Kaweco ever. Out of these 10, I have got 8 of them in the last 2 years spending so much amount of money I have never spent on fountain pens. I use them to write my journals on a daily basis. I specifically didn't buy the clip to tie this pen to my pockets as I wanted to go to the Woodstock, Cape Town store that's heaven for pens & stationery enthusiasts. 

Kaweco Sport Range found its way into the markets in 1935 and since then the design has changed once or twice to its current avatar. Hence the nostalgia that these pens offer as their success is attributed to inspiration through historical products of earlier periods. The brand's history and the nostalgic design of its products are deeply intertwined with modern technology. 
Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen in Fine Nib @WriteGearSA @Kaweco_Germany #KawecoBrassSport
I went through the Kaweco Sport range of products and found that it's mainly divided into 6 categories:
1. Plastic Body (Classic, Frosted and Skyline Sport along with Collaborations like Moleskine)
2. AL Sport (Aluminum)

I fell in love with the Kaweco brass sport version because it felt vintage due to its patina that's going to grow over time and second because the weight that's around 46 grams making it the heaviest pen I own. There are options to get your nib size based on your writing preferences - Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), and Double Broad (BB). They do have some calligraphy nibs as well. The material by which the nib is made is also available in different avatars like stainless steel and 14k Gold. People say Gold nibs are really amazing to write with and I have still to reach that point in my life when I can afford Gold on my pens. 

The last thing to check is the ink-filling mechanism which is the lifeline of any fountain pen. Here also we have 3 options available: Cartridges (pre-filled and available in 11 ink colours); Squeeze converters and mini converters as Kaweco Sport can't take full-sized ink converters. Cartridges are the best choice as you can easily change the colours and no need to carry bigger ink bottles or use a syringe to fill in the ink in cartridges. I agree that it's a little bit expensive to use the cartridge if you are writing too much but then the ease of usage is great for first-time users who can then experiment with different coloured inks. Kaweco has 11 different ink colours available and all of them are available at the Write Gear shop. 

Kaweco pens look so cool that you are definitely going to buy another one as there is an extra space in the metal tin the pen comes in. Next time I will go for the classic series pen with an Extra fine nib in one of the vibrant colours. I also want to try Kaweco's Orange coloured ink available in cartridges format as well. 

This is the first time I saw that you need to buy a clip also to keep the pen in the pocket so Kaweco promotes you to have more than one pen for your desk use and another one as your travel partner. 
Thanks to Write Gear for fulfilling my dream to own a Kaweco BRASS in South Africa at a great price. Their prices are really competitive and there is no discount etc that they offer so your pen value will remain the same and you won't feel betrayed in the long run. Also, their price is competitive with the international markets considering the economic impacts on the currency exchange rates happening in South Africa. They only run an annual sale where some discount is offered and I am sure whatever products are on sale will vanish in no time from the online and retail stores. 

I bought Kaweco Brass Sport for ZAR 1600 ($87) from the Write Gear shop and the shipping was free. Despite the holidays, I made the payment on  5-Apr and received the product on 11-Apr despite the Easter holidays (7-10Apr). Along with the pen, there was a hand-written card and a bar of chocolate to enjoy your first purchase. I really feel special about the handwritten note with one of the futuristic pens or inks to look forward to from the store. Thanks a lot Write Gear for the same. 

I really loved the fairness and the community they are bringing together that helps if you have any questions about any kind of stationery products before making the actual purchase as well. After so long, I found that there are people in the world who are as crazy as I am or even legendary craziness I want to achieve in terms of stationery items helping you in the group as a community. A QR code is shown in the video to join. I hope to see you there soon.

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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