Wednesday 5 April 2023

My Favourite After Shave Lotion - BRUT for Men! Original @UnileverSA @PicknPay #AfterShaveLotion

Hi Guys, 

I am using after-shave lotion since the time I started to shave way back in 1996 or so. 

I have been fascinated by the slim red-coloured Old Spice bottle as my Uncle used to use it. He used to apply the same if I used to get hurt sometimes which will heal the wound as well due to its antiseptic nature. 

I started using it myself for a long time starting maybe in 2000 till 2014 when I got this Brut After Shave lotion combo pack with Deo on my birthday from one of my friends. I used it in 2014 or so for the first time and since then I am glued to this with Old Spice I bought in between when it goes on sale at Dischem or Clicks. 

I have used the Blue bottle Spirit fragrance as well as this Green bottle Original fragrance so many times now alternatively. Thanks to Unilever South Africa and all the retail stores where it goes on sale especially Pick n Pay. I have observed that Pick and Pay is the only retailer that discounts the product to 25% of the original value during the sale for certain things.   
My Favourite After Shave Lotion - BRUT for Men! Original @UnileverSA @PicknPay #AfterShaveLotion
Feel excited about shaving and super fresh before leaving the house with this original aftershave. The elegant beer-like bottle offers the classic aftershave that we are all familiar with and love, following the original 1964 formula with contemporary additives. An opening of sweet, fresh citrus and greens, an undefinable sweet floral centre, and a clean, sandalwood-like undertone characterise this aftershave.
It's almost finished and now I have a new one which I bought only to try from one of the sales at Pick n Pay. Thanks for watching the video and spending your time with The Life's Way

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