Sunday 16 April 2023

Parker Luxury Vector XL Fountain Pen - Medium Tip with a Bold Distinctive Writing Experience!

Hi Guys,

Parken Pens has been my partner since the start and I have used various ball pens, roller ball pens and fountain pens from the brand offerings mainly the Parker Vector Series. Parker Vector is cheap and affordable with the right quality to last you long if you take care of the same. I have used their rollerball pens for years in the Lord Ganesha edition which I bought twice as the design gets faded out eventually. 

After using the same for multiple years, I wanted to try their other series of fountain pens so I bought this one from the online retailer which was offering the same at a discount. Thanks to OneDayOnly daily deals again initiated me into buying some of the products I like. This one is totally paid for by me and I used the coupon code from the FNB eBucks app to get ZAR 75 discount so the courier charges were waived as they charge ZAR 59 for courier fees for every order. 
Parker Luxury Vector XL Fountain Pen - Medium Tip with a Different Writing Experience!
This Parker Pen Vector XL Fountain pen was around ZAR 329 in the daily deal and I got it at that price. Available in multiple body colours too. I am still to get my hands set on this one but the pen body really feels balanced in your hands and looks premium too. 

The cap and barrel of the pen are generally of the same metallic colour with a transparent section where you will see the feed and the nib and the ink flowing into the same when you get that cartridge fit the first time ever. This is really a great pen but the Medium nib that came with the same feels like a broad to me. The nib is bigger than the other pens on this one for sure. Maybe it's size 5 as it feels bigger than all of my other pens especially Lamy Safari in EF and the same as Lamy LX in M nib. 

The weight of the pen is only 17 grams with a posted length of 13.5 cm and a diameter of 12mm only.
The stainless-steel nib is complimented by a distinctive ‘X’ engraving making it come directly out of the X-men series. The pen overall provides a comfortable and consistent writing experience when writing for longer periods as it writes in a bold distinctive style and there is something unique about writing with this pen. 

The cap of the pen has a Parker logo itched in a circular steel design and the clip also looks great and is different from the other pens I have. The clip is a little bit longer and elevated if you see it sideways. 

The pen is a combination of plastic and metal body with everything in a little bit grand style statement. I totally love the pen as it retails for around ZAR 420 each on Write Gear website and is available in 5 colours namely Blue, Teal, Black, Green and Lilac. I totally fell in love with the Teal colour but it was not on sale at OneDayonly from where I bought it. You can also pick up this pen at the same price from any retailer around you as well like Stationery & Print in Sandton City. 

Thanks to Onedayonlycoza for the R100 discount I got on the pen. I will keep a lookout for the same in the future as well as Parker Pens keeps coming on huge discounts on the online platform. Till that time....keep writing!!!

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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