Sunday 2 April 2023

Big Edutainment Value in Magformers Basic Plus 14 Set @Solarpopgoplay #Magformers

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Magformers - Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set for Brain Development BASIC PLUS 14 SET is a STEM-authenticated educational product that helps kids in various ways. The 14-piece set comes in three shapes - triangles, and squares with square and circular holes. You can buy more such sets to create several new designs as showcased in the Idea booklet.  The Magformers range of products has won more than 50 awards in educational toys worldwide. Magformers has big edutainment value. 

Magformers gives you infinite possibilities of build and construction options.

Big Edutainment Value in Magformers Basic Plus 14 Set @Solarpopgoplay #Magformers

The toy is brought by Solarpop Go Play and is available at various stores online and in stores like CNA, Hamleys, Everyshop, and Toy Kingdom.

Magformers Basic Plus 14 Set is ZAR 299 on sale at Takealot - 

Basic Plus 30 Set is priced around ZAR 800 and there are a variety of different versions which you can buy as per your choice of the build! 

Magformers will develop 8 essential mental skills in your kids - 
  1. Sensory development
  2. Modelling
  3. Creativity
  4. Curiosity
  5. Mathematical Thinking
  6. Imagination
  7. Scientific Thinking
  8. Reasoning
Magformes opens up What If? which fosters curiosity and creativity. The kids do get the ability to reason and think logically. Also with magnets, you always know that the polarity (positive and negative) needs to be correct for them to join together and this is the biggest lesson in itself for kids. 

The magformers are made from BPA free HQABS plastic and neodymium magnets. It gives hours of imaginative, creative and tactile play for your 3+ years older kids. 

It's a perfect gift for birthdays, and Christmas stocks for your playschool, homeschool and classrooms. I am sure that the money invested in these Magformers is the best investment you can do for your kids.  

Check them out!


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