Tuesday 4 April 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 02 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

This year is going to be a free flow as wherever life is going to take me I will go. I am not going to plan anything for as long as I can and experiment if this is the right way or if living with goals is the right way? 

I am sure you all know the answer to this question already living with purpose is the best way to live your life because it gives you the motivation to wake up in the morning and work towards your goals. Anyhow, I will let my mind wander in search of some creativity so that it can gather a lot as I wander in different directions without any goals. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 02 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
1. Entertainment - The second week was big on web series and watching some old movies along with new ones on the streaming platforms, especially Disney+. I started with watching the movies named Thai Massage, Phone Bhoot, Doctor G, National Treasure Part 1 and 2, and Brahmastra all in a single week. Along with them, I watched the National Treasure Web series that came on Disney+ and Trail by Fire on Netflix on Uphar Fire Tragedy. Out of all of them Phone Bhoot starring Katrina Kaif is the one I enjoyed the most and Brahmastra is on my big Samsung 65-inch TV with family with speakers on to enjoy the Kesaria and other songs in full volume. I learned a new hack on the Android TV box as I faced some audio problems with the volume not going higher because it was controlled by the android tv's inbuilt multimedia player app. I am using Xiaomi 4K Stick and the video is here for you to watch and buy it if you like it - 
2. Data Transfer - Once you start this activity there is no looking back and you are in this web of mindless tasks that keeps sucking you in and in. You will get ideas as you start the transfers and then you get some more to arrange the data according to your preferences. Once you do this task, you will understand why all the books say that Boredom is a relative of the invention as well. My activity carried on and then I unearthed how and where my data is scattered I am not able to find the right stuff when I need it and that's the biggest problem

My advice is to arrange the photos/videos as per the events ordered by the dates so that you know what you are looking for. You already know your birthday, your marriage anniversary, and the birthday of your spouse and kids so arrange all the data as per those dates within a single-year folder and then create another the next year. 

3. School Travel - This time I hired a driver to leave Keisha's school as it was really hectic and traffic is too high in the high schools as compared to the primary schools. Reyansh is still going with me and that in itself is hectic but so is life so we have to do it all throughout the year. Thanks to getAbstract I can easily finish 2-3 book summaries depending on my concentration towards listening and understanding. It's really a great option to check out the main points of the books in a short concise 10-15 min audio format. 

4. Maintenance - I got my car brakes changed finally which has been pending for many months. It took hardly 2 hours to get it done at TyreMart in Randburg where they did the skimming and replaced the old pads with new ones on my Honda Civic. 

For the maintenance of the soul, I visited the Radhey Shyam Temple in Marlboro and felt so grateful that the Almighty Lord gave me darshan and called me to the temple after a long long gap. 

5. Thank You - Chanting Thank You is the best find from Ken Honda's book Happy Money. I also did his Mindvalley course. I think I will have to repeat it every quarter to change my money belief system. I am sure we all need to work on our belief systems throughout our life. I did some 12000 Thank You during the course of this week. To keep a count I will add it to these weekly posts itself rather than going and checking them which I won't do ever also. Hence, 2023 Total = 12000

6. YouTube - I did focus on YouTube videos at the start of the year till this week to bring as many as possible so do give it a spin and let me know what you want to watch in the coming future. 
I brought this weekly series back as I saw the reader's interest in Week 1 post as it remains the top-read post for this year. Thanks for giving all your love to my blog and YouTube channel. Your time is my only blessing. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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