Tuesday 4 April 2023

My First #Moleskine Monthly Notebook Diary/Planner! @moleskine @ExclusiveBooks @BenmoreGardens

Hi Guys,

I bought Moleskine Monthly Notebook Diary/Planner from an Exclusive Books store sale in Benmore Shopping mall where books and diaries were going for ZAR 50 or ZAR 100 each. I got this one for only ZAR 50 whereas the original price was ZAR 484. I would have never bought one myself at the original price because I can't afford the same. I actually can buy it but won't because it doesn't give me that kind of pleasure that my mind and heart agree on a regular buy. 

I wanted to use it to check how is the paper quality and what's the experience like when you journal in Moleskine notebooks and diaries. You will find the internet and YouTube flooded with several influencers promoting these expensive brands and you always feel what's there in the same as the market has millions of options available at various price ranges in terms of writing instruments and diaries and journals. 

I also was tracking these Moleskine diaries at various Exclusive Books stores, especially in Sandton City, Benmore and other shops as well. Somedays back, I saw a sale of ZAR 50/100 on various tables at Exclusive Books in Benmore Gardens Shopping Mall and immediately got attracted towards the RED SALE boards. Such is the impact of these SALE boards that you want to visit them even when you don't want to buy anything as well. My shopping tendencies have increased a lot in the last year or so. 
My First #Moleskine Monthly Notebook Diary/Planner! @moleskine @ExclusiveBooks @BenmoreGardens
Finally, when I went there I came across this Moleskine 2022 Diary and Planner and on that day it was the only one available. When I checked the price at the billing counter it was going for only ZAR 50 which was not a difficult choice to buy considering that I wanted to use it once in my life for sure. 

I brought the journal and it was lying there for some weeks as I went on holiday to Clarens. I went again to the store and this time I saw there are so many Moleskine journals priced at ZAR 100 even for 2023 as well. This led me to expedite the video for the same and here it is on my Youtube channel - 
As you already know that I write mostly with Fountain pens so that is going to be my first pen to use on this Moleskine Diary. What I found is that for the fountain pens, this diary is not built for the same as you will see the ink behind the paper as it's too silky smooth thin paper. I tried several other pens as well including a clutch pencil.

The fountain pens I used in this diary are - 
LAMY Safari Extra Fine Nib
LAMY LX Medium Nib

Jaguar Roller Ball Pen
Parker Roller Ball Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Ball Pen 
Pilot C4 Gel Pen

Features wise the diary is awesome as it has silky smooth papers that are lightweight as well as neatly spaced. The touch and feel of the cover and the pages are awesome. The leather feel of the cover itself makes it worthy of the price it's sold at.

I am still in search of the right pen to use in this journal. If you know about the same, please do let me know. And that's all about my first-hand experience with the Moleskine Journals. 

The next will be to find a Leuchtturm 1917 journal or A5 diary on sale which is also in the same price range and maybe 10% higher than the Moleskine journals. There is also a Bullet Journal version of Leuchtturm 1917 (ZAR 670) too which will be my perfect choice to buy if ever. Till that time...

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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