Thursday 6 April 2023

4 reasons Why @NokiaSouth #NokiaG21 is the Perfect Travel companion for your Easter holidays?

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There is no doubt that technology, such as our reliable smartphones and tablets, has enhanced our daily lives. As Easter comes, you may be considering going away for the long weekend, and your Nokia phone will be an invaluable tool that can assist you with navigation, translation, playing music and providing entertainment during those never-ending road trips.

1. Keep entertained
Car trips can be stressful and long, and creating a Spotify playlist will not only make the travels go faster, but you can also download playlists for each moment - whether a morning hike, an afternoon siesta, or an evening party. Mobile games will keep people of all ages entertained for hours, thanks to the 90Hz refresh rate on the Nokia G21. If games aren't your thing, you can spend the time watching your favourite YouTube "how-to" video, listening to a podcast, or watching a movie.

2. Capture the moments
Too often, after returning home from a pleasant holiday, we discover that we neglected to capture the special moments of the trip. While it is essential to living in the present, it is equally important to cherish memories of time spent with loved ones. Don’t worry about bringing along a camera on your next trip; by using your Nokia G21 you can capture moments with the 50 MP triple-camera and give the pictures the ‘wow factor’ with advanced low light imaging, so you’ll be able to bring all your amazing ideas to life.
4 reasons Why @NokiaSouth #NokiaG21 is the Perfect Travel companion for your Easter holidays?
3. Feel assured
Everyone has been there. We've packed our belongings, are in the car, and then it occurs to us that our charger is still plugged in at home. And with our phones, an integral part of our lives, being without a device for even a few hours can create unnecessary stress. While you might be able to make preparations to stop and buy a new charger along the way, with the Nokia G21, you can relax a little more because the battery life can last up to three days* and it also comes with 18W fast charge capability¹.

4. Work remotely (if need be)
The roads during the Easter weekend can be extremely congested, so you may wish to leave a day or two earlier and, if your job allows it, work remotely, allowing you to avoid traffic and enjoy an extra day holiday. The Nokia G21’s 6.5” screen is ideal for mobile business, video calling, and pitch presentations.

Ensure that time spent with family and friends is cherished and enjoyable and let your Nokia phone experience simply enhance every moment.

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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