Monday 17 April 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 06 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

The more you write or tell your story the more people are going to read it or follow it. I am also doing the same via these weekly posts where I tell the amount of time spent on web series binge-watching or doing something interesting also. I am feeling more and more in love with my own feelings or rather I am now much closer to my heart as I can see the effects of anything happening around me or the world and can feel the pain and empathy etc. Will I do something about it or just let it pass is a choice that I will keep for myself to decide via the brain cells kicking in at the right time? 

1. Google Maps - Local Guides is a community-based programme run by Google to enhance the experience of Google Maps users. Whenever you go and visit any location, you can write a review about the same on the Google Maps page and post some photos and videos so that the next person searching for the location can have some information before actually visiting the place. I reached the Top Level 10 on the same on 10-Feb-2023 after enrolling in the programme around 6 years back or so. I have not received any gift from Google during the course of my photo sharing across this platform but I am happy that I did it. I am in the Top 1% of Johannesburg Local Guides and 10% globally. Slowly and steadily, I will try to become the Top 1% at global levels as well. 

2. Thank You - I started from the last week's count to reach 42000 where the counter drops back to zero. Then again I take it to reach the 8000 mark by the end of the week. The total count is now 141500
New Year Resolutions - Week 06 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
3. Entertainment - I watched the most illogical movie The Menu this week. There was nothing to enjoy in this movie. Totally time waste or negligible. I started watching FARZI Season 1 which I loved watching but didn't expect that it will reach the most viewed series on Amazon Prime. Since Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor has a dejected way to stand and the same is also showcased here and in other movies also. I don't like the use of the same again and again and I am definitely biased. I have to check his earlier movies if he has the same hand style in Jab We Met, Ishq Vishq or Dil Bole Hadiappa etc. 

4. The Life's Way - First Car Review - I was grateful to Suzuki Motors South Africa for sending their Vitara Brezza for the upcoming Valentine's Day and my 15th Marriage Anniversary as well. I took the same around the city and totally loved the pleasure of having a second car in a household. My wife can take my car to the office instead of doing an Uber or Bolt. I can then drop the kids to school and they also loved this dual-coloured car. The average that the car gave is around 15-16 km per litre of petrol and the mini-SUV body felt comfortable for long rides as well. We went to Hartbeespoort with the whole family in this nice car while enjoying the rain along with our marriage anniversary. I went gaga over the same as you will see in my Instagram posts. Thanks, Suzuki. 
5. Launch Event - I went to the CHOC event that was held at Sandton Sun Towers and Sky Deck. I loved the joy they are bringing on the faces of children suffering from Cancer and other diseases. It's an uphill climb all the time with these diseases but your support can help the organisation to reach more and more children and help their families as well. 
I also received the Cooler Master Goodies in a contest I won on Instagram. This is a massive package as you will see in the video underneath. I went to their Sandton Experience centre to pick up my goodies and it was lovely to see all the products on display there. You should definitely visit the same to experience the gaming products and setup. 
I think this is a lot of stuff to do in a single week and I feel grateful that I could do it. The clarity of thoughts and getting in touch with your own emotions is the best thing I learned from doing the Yoga starting 1-Feb-23. I am feeling stretched as this is the only exercise I have done in years to the upper body and many parts which were lying dormant. I have only done 1000km walking last year but that was it. This year walking is taking a backstage as I venture into the Yoga exercises. 

Till next time...Aashish Thanks you Cheers!!!

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