Monday 10 April 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 05 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

This is the last few days of January 2023 and then the new month will start. Time flies so fast and I definitely feel that your goals and resolutions are what make and bring you the purpose of your life. So no matter whether you are able to complete your resolutions or not, you should always make some or rather make a long list of resolutions. Then you will always remember that there are a lot of tasks that you can do or finish when you are free because sometimes your brain will put you into sleep mode where you have time, you are getting bored but nothing will come to your mind as a task to complete. This long list can be referred to during the times like those and you can cut some lines for sure and feel a sense of achievement. 

I still remember my boss, who used to have a single diary with tasks that he wants to do numbered starting from 1 onwards and will keep writing in the same one for the whole year or so. He will eventually check all those tasks regularly and cut off those that have been completed. I tried to follow his idea but I keep changing diaries and keep switching from analogue systems to digital systems to online systems and this interrupts my focus and capturing of the tasks. This system is a direct representation of the capture step of the GTD i.e. Getting things done book which I first read way back in 2005. Last year I listened to the same on Audible and this year I want to read the copy on the Kindle
New Year Resolutions - Week 05 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
1. Entertainment - I think I took the liberty to watch as many movies and web series as possible in a short span of time. 
  • I watched Avatar - The Way of the Water documentary on Disney+. It's behind the scenes of the actual films. 
  • Cinema Marte Dum Tak I only watched the first episode and then left it there. Pending to date.
  • Watched the Pathaan movie in theatres with family and friends at Montecasino. Totally loved the big-screen fun along with popcorn and a cold drink. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are at their best performance in the movie. 
  • I watched Vadh (Neena Gupta and Sanjay Mishra) and Plane (Gerald Butler and Mike Colter) movie in a single day. One-time watch if you have time or you can also neglect both movies as well. 
  • I started watching Kacis/Runaway S1 and I found this interesting. The story of coming out of the war zone has been showcased in a lot of movies and web series. You can watch this one if you have not seen anything else. 
2. Thank You - I completed the first month of Jan-23 to complete the 91500 mark. This week I started and completed 18000 more so the total count is now 109500. I have to feel grateful much more as I am not feeling it much this time. 

3. Launch Event - Samsung launched their S23 series of smartphones and I was lucky to be part of the launch event and watch the proceedings live from the international launch event and then see the actual products live in person. I totally loved the camera on S23 Ultra but I and Ultra are still so far from each other. I have not used the S21 or S22 Ultra as well. I also got my much-desired earphones Galaxy Buds2 Pro in the goodies bag which you can watch here. 
4. Life Lessons - I came across a quote the source of which is Naval Ravikant. You should definitely read his book which is available free of cost on the Internet. 

More Work is not equal to More Output. Work like a lion, not a cow! 

Working like a cow means here that you do the same monotonous activity day in and day out. Like in the industrial age, factory workers have to do the same tasks again and again. Whereas working like a Lion means that you focus on the task at hand in a burst of 2-3 hours whereas you rest for the other time. No one can focus on the 8 hours work day. So just like a lion attacks the springbok when it sees them, captures them and eats them and for the rest of the day, he just enjoys the surroundings. He says that software engineering is not going to write the same code again and again, he will always find some creative juices flowing to write a new line of code and the same is for the other creative streams as well. 

I have been following this principle but in a different way. I used to preserve energy rather than time so as to put all my efforts into the tasks assigned at whatever time of the day. For the rest of the time period, just enjoy the company of your colleagues or work on improving your workflow or automation your tasks. 

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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