Friday 7 April 2023

Parker Premium Kensington Red Chrome Trim Jotter Fountain Pen - Perfect Partner for Writing Daily! @ParkerPens

Hi Guys, 

I bought another deal from OneDayOnly as I got the email saying that there is a scheme or day deal coming well in advance. It's just like a tracking cookie where they knew my interests and matched them to what I want to buy. They then sent the email 2 days in advance before the deal went live. 
Parker Premium Kensington Red Chrome Trim Jotter Fountain Pen - Perfect Partner for Writing Daily!
I was the first one to make use of it too as I ordered the same within the first few minutes of launching the deal on OneDayOnlyCoZA. I bought 2 of these so that I can make use of a voucher to get a courier free of charge. The pen cost me around ZAR 219 each and looks great in this red colour and brushed steel cap. Thanks, Parker South Africa for selling the same on the online platform. 

I am using the Parker Vector fountain pens for many years now and maybe started using them way back in 1997 when I could afford them. Earlier I used Parker pens but in ballpoint or roller ball version. Parker Vector pens are the most used pen in my life since school time. I must be having more than 15-20 Parker pens in total. That's nearly 25 years of personal history with the brand. 

When I could not afford the Parker pens then I would try to win them as well. I still remember that I won the Yellow Parker Ballpoint pen from NIIT at PVR Saket in New Delhi. Then one or two came to me via the Australia Tourism quiz contest. One from Switzerland tourism if I am not wrong. Then I used to buy the Ganesh edition of Parker Vector in Roller Ball and Ballpoint versions. I always wanted to buy a Dollar USD Parker Vector edition but could never find the same at shop. When Flipkart and Amazon started selling in India, I bought the Parker Vector Fountain Pens from them as well. 

This is the first time I ventured into the new range of fountain pens from Parker after spending some time buying some Lamy & Pilot Fountain Pens last year for the very first time. I bought this pen as the retail price was around ZAR 560 and I got it for ZAR 220 so it was a good choice to buy. 
This Parker Pen is a really slim design, lightweight with a little bit of weight to make it feel premium. The brushed metal cap makes it look great overall. There are three colours the cap is one colour i.e. steel, the barrel is another which is available in RED and BLUE colours and the section is black in colour with a steel ring at the edge just before the nib. The nib has Parker written with an arrow sign going forward whereas the clip has arrows pointing downward making it great to look at. 

Coming to the writing quality, this pen comes with a medium nib and a blue cartridge in the box. As soon as you insert the cartridge the feed gets filled with ink and the pen is ready to write on the paper. The medium nib on this pen is smooth and there is the right amount of ink and flow going on the paper. I totally love writing using this pen as you will see in the video. I am using the same to write my daily gratitude journal as well. This one smoothly glides on all kinds of paper and the way your hand feels with this pen is amazing. You can write for as many hours as you want non-stop using this beautiful fountain pen. 

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this fountain pen. This is my 9th fountain pen in South Africa. 

Thanks for your time, Aashish 

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