Friday 7 April 2023

My Favorite Deodorant - BRUT @UnileverSA - Bought them in all 4 fragrances! #BRUT

Hi Guys, 

I used to think that I don't need deodorants if I am bathing regularly and this will block my sweat. This changed when I started teaching in a school and grade 6 students told me that they want to gift me a deodorant on my birthday it made me realize that it's really necessary as I also never like to smell someone's sweat when standing close. The students helped me realise that deodorant is a lifestyle accessory and is needed if you are roaming so much from class to class where the sweat can build up and you can come in contact with people who can smell you as well. 

It led to using all kinds of deodorants and after trying all of them in the market and international markets, I came to finally choose one as my day-to-day partner. 
My Favorite Deodorant - BRUT @UnileverSA - Bought them in all 4 fragrances!
Brut Deodorant is my top choice for many years after trying all the ones available in the market. Check out these 4 variants of fragrances available in the market. I am a fan of all of them. Totally worth every penny you spend on them. 

I generally bought them from Dischem or Pick n Pay when these go on sale from time to time. Sometimes I get AXE deodorants as well but only to change. But most of the time these are the only deodorant I use until I find something better than this one. 
I also recently ordered the same via Zulzi app as well. Thanks to Unilever for bringing it to South Africa as well. 
Thanks for your time, Aashish 

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