Sunday 29 September 2013

I am Explorer -The Road Less Travelled

Hi All,

The journey always starts early when you have to reach home and the travel is long enough that takes quiet a lot of time. Longing for your home and family is the top priority whenever you have some holidays. I too started a journey early in the day as sun rays was ready to kiss the planet earth.

As I traveled I came across diverse road and paths which really took my breathe away but the heart still was wanting to see the faces of my family only. 

A lot of traffic early in the morning showed that many of us love our families and travel a lot to see different cultures, place or to meet friends etc. 

Small breaks at regular interval really helps the drive as it keeps you awake and energized all along the way. 

The sun was at it's full bloom when it was giving it's full power to the grass and a lot of Vitamin D to my skin and body. 

The country side makes you think whether the people living are concerned about ratings, salaries, promotions etc. Whether they know brands and wants to wear them? Whether they want to eat in five stars hotels or are happy with whatever they eat at home? 

There is no difference rains or sun creates between rich and poor, caste or creed. It gives all it's rainbows equally to everyone without any difference. It doesn't think of inequalities created by peoples based on religion, countries, lands, sex, cultures.
The fresh and growing farms will definitely bring a lot of good food and health to everyone.

 As changing clouds changes the amount of sun light we get and same is the luck we get in our lives. We keep receiving the same daily but sometimes when we are not in touch with our heart we miss that luck. When again we get in touch with our soul, we are lucky again. We all are born lucky.

 The path keeps changing so is the scenes as monotonous landscape can really fall you asleep. I have traveled many times via some paths which were same through 100 kms and really felt like sleeping as there was no change and it sets in your subconscious and makes you fall asleep. Beware of such spots.
It was the time to choose the right road to reach the home at the earliest. Many times in lives we have these decisions to take which way we want to travel.

 We should always build or mend the bridges between those torn relations which are still there in our hearts.
 It will take a lot of courage but it will be worth it.
 It was those crossroads where you have left behind to live a life of your own. It was time when you cross those again and do what you always wanted to do in life.

As life changes so are the roads and weather. A certain gloominess took over the skies as I was nearing home.

 But the next very moment - some previous memories made me feel better and so was the weather change as I passed the moments of sadness. The only thing constant is change. Always remember that as it will help you in whatever you do in life.

 As it was dawn so was the time to take the next few kilometers to cover and the destination is near. As the mountains meets the roads so is my dreams to come to reality.

The sun too was going to say good bye as I traveled the whole day along with it and it's been a great partner.

 It was time to take a break and say final good bye to the sun. The next destination will be home as I traveled the entire day and it's time to take some rest.

As I took the last turn I could see my destination right in front of my eyes. The joy to meet my owns took over the heart.

The final frontier is the home and so my journey came to an end. The road less traveled took a life being but the joys to reach the destination is immense. Living your life to make it more beautiful and for those around you is the only road that should be traveled by all human beings. As I met my owns, I felt happy and the as the night took over the sleep really took me into my arms and slept peacefully away from the pace of life I was in. Thanks home and the drive and the roads. I feel happy.

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