Monday 23 September 2013

Toyota Etios Motor Racing - Buddh International Circuit, Noida

Hi Guys,

It was a great racing contest on Twitter and I was lucky enough to win a great contest from the house of TOYOTA MOTORS. With all set and a lot of tickets won, I was ready to reach Buddh International Circuit at around 11am on 14 Sep 2013 but as it came, all my family members seems to be interested in watching racing track so I reached around 1230 at the destination. It was our first experience on the new road as well as at the track. Truly international it seemed and really it was of international quality.

The first ever look of the BIC board.

Entering the venue and all the TOYOTA cars on display.

A race in the progress as per the schedule. The sound of engines really made the track happening.

The view from the main Grand stand.

Another view from the Grand stand.

The time when I was told to come with the Toyota team to the PIT as I have won the HOT LAP. Wow! I was not aware about the thing and really loved the news. 

The Schedule of the races.

The first look of the Toyota EMR - pit.
The Toyota Etios Motor Racing cars awating their drivers.

All the drivers ready to take on their cars for the EMR RACE.

ALL THE VERY BEST DUDE! Keep your eyes on the track.

The final countdown before it is all over.

The final ranking board spread all across the Grand stand. 

The Toyota EMR racing cars coming back to pavilion after the race. 

 Some of the winners and the losers having afterthoughts.

Winners getting facilitated.  Congratulations Guys!!! Diljith did it again in Noida and went on to finally winning the title race too. Kudos!!!

Resting the cars before the start of another race in the evening.

My car which will give me a hot lap around the BIC 5.14 km race track.

All the unnecessary items are removed from the car and a pillared support was provided to make it light and just ready to hit the track. I was belted in the car and it was such strong that I could only move my neck and nothing else.

Myself coming out of the Race Car after the hot lap. It was a great and a first experience. I really felt the adrenalin rush inside me. Twice on the track I really felt that the center of gravity has shifted too long and the car is going to turn turtle but it was the fun that nothing bad happened.

The driver really gave me a good lap of the track with car drifting and doing various racing stunts on the track.Check out the video of the whole lap -

I am really thankful to Toyota EMR team for making me a winner and giving me this opportunity to be on the race track. Now awaiting my Toyota EMR goodies as a memory of the racing.‎ This was the first ever edition of the race and more will be coming soon....‎

Toyota Etios twitter handle is @Toyota_Etios

My daughter was so excited to see the car race that she wanted to stay on the BIC to watch the Motor cycle racing too.

Here's a final goodbye to the team who really made this all possible. It was a dream come true.

Thanks Guys!!! Cheers!!!