Monday 23 September 2013

HP Print Art - Pogo MAD Art Workshop

Hi Guys,

MY 150th BLOG POST for the Company which made my long time DREAM came true!  


It was a dream fulfilled for which I was trying since many years since my daughter started watching Pogo TV. She was a fan of MAD serial where a person named Rob comes and teaches us art and craft. I have been trying to win since the first time they flashed the SMS contest. I have done hundreds of SMS for my daughter to win goodies or similar stuff from them. But finally it was her own project that made all of this possible. It was her school project on which her mom and she worked for many days, buying stuff from the market, searching out the store for things to add to, garden etc for all the waste materials to make this beautiful home. The whole concept and ideas were their's and I didn't contributed at all other than just buying once extra ice-cream sticks required to complete the gate making etc.

Art Workshop was one thing for which her age was small but her dreams to be there was big.
I won the HP online project contest made by my kid and received this phone call from them. The scheduled trip was to be made on 20 July 2013. It was the best birthday gift I could receive for my daughter. I really loved to send my daughter and her mom to Mumbai as some months their train tickets could not be confirmed and they had to return back to home. My wife had some college and school time friends living in Mumbai so she was really eager to go to Mumbai. This trip really made that meeting with friends possible.

The whole trip from Delhi to Mumbai and back was brilliantly scheduled by the HP Print team. They booked the hotels, transport to and fro from airport to hotel and back, to the location of the event with great precision and there was nothing to be taken tension for.

Here is my daughter sitting in the plane from Delhi with big dreams in her small eyes. It was her first domestic flight and really solved many of her thoughts on how airplanes fly and how do people get up and down the planes.

On reaching Mumbai, great smile as she was greeted by the HP Team to take them to the Suba Galaxy hotel, Andheri East.

The ride was comfortable and she really enjoyed Mumbai.

Reaching the hotel lobby and getting the room keys. It was a double bed room that was provided to parents and kids. All the hotel expenses were paid by the HP Team. 

The look of the room as seen from the mirror.
They spent their all evening and night meeting their friends to come back to the hotel early in the morning to reach the destination where ROB will come to make a great art with some 17-18 kids.

The location of the Art workshop.  Raheja Classic, Andheri West.

Kids and parents waiting for the event to start. 
Lights, Camera, Action....and the shot begins...

Here is Rob greeting the people present for the workshop. 

The artist started his work with the help of all the children present there. It was a whole batch of 18 kids who won the SMS contest from all over India. My daughter was the youngest and Rob really made her feel special as he gave special attention to her.

I kept on receiving calls from her mom in between as to what was happening in the event. 
My daugher was really looking forward to receiving these amazing goodies by POGO TV after the event. But at the end of the event she was really tired and went on sleep.
 Here is the official snap of all the kids at the workshop. Thanks to HP India team for the event.

All the parents who were lucky enough to fulfill the dreams of their kids to meet ROB of M.A.D. series.

Here are the goodies which every children received from Pogo TV.

My daughter with her goodies bag.

An instance come to my mind, of the helpfulness of the HP team, my wife forgot her camera at the event and team checked the snaps inside the camera and called me. I gave them my wife's number. It was around 415pm and they had to checkout from the hotel at at 530pm. They somehow ran to make this possible and handed over the camera just before they had to leave for the airport. It was a great effort on the end of HP India Print team and I really salute them for the same.

It was a dream fulfilled for me as well as for my daughter to meet Rob. I thank a lot for HP Print Art Ink Advantage and HP India for holding the competition on facebook page and really making this dream come true.

My earlier HP Print Indiblogger meet, gurgaon coverage is the best post I have on my blog as it got the maximum page views. I really had great hopes that I will win the printer for this post but destiny has something other in mind.

My first post for HP India Connected Music App made win the HP Sleekbook -

I also won their HP Connected music event at Ambience Mall -

In the end, I would just like to request to give a Ink Advantage printer may be at discount to the kids so that they continue on the path to create and learn amazing art & craft in their lives. I am really looking forward for a positive response on the same. Fingers crossed!!! is one the best pages where dreams do comes true for parents and kids alike.

Thanks a lot once again to the HP India Team and Pogo TV for featuring my child in their programs. Awaiting the event's video to be posted on some channel to see....

till that time...keep dreaming...they will get fulfilled one day or the other....