Monday 9 September 2013

Creating Happy Travellers in London

Hi Guys,

The best place I could be during my life time was in the city of London and I would love to take my family and friends on a trip around the city with myself being the Tour Guide. London has so much to do and there is a history in everything we do there. There are so many moments that gets created in London that you always feel great. London has so much of Indian and Asian population that you never feel away from your home and you can easily find an Indian restaurant to eat food at anytime of the day. 

My family which include my wife, daughter, mom and dad will start the journey by going through the VFS center to get their UK visas ready and issued. Once they get the VISAs the best flight to fly to London Heathrow Airport will be Virgin or BA or Jet Airways. London Heathrow Airport has an extended Duty Free shop and free payphones to call to some of the local taxi numbers.

Meanwhile, to stay in the central london is heavy on your pocket but the more you stay at the centre of the city the more you will enjoy. I will book their rooms at Park Plaza County Hall which is just opposite to London Eye. This one is very near Victoria Terminal and easily accessible at anytime of the day. After taking a rest and walking around to see the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in the golden lights and county hall all covered in different colors, they gonna definitely enjoy the beauty of London. No matter how many times you see Westminister area, your eyes will capture some new details every-time.

Next day will start with an English breakfast at the hotel itself with lot of Brown bread with roasted mushrooms and tomato gravy beans. Fruits and croissants are also there along with milk, coffee and tea. IT will be a great experience and they will thoroughly enjoy the light warm Tea. 

I will take them to Greenwich via the ferry ride across the Thames river starting at Westminister Pier to see the Greenwich Mean Time and Royal Navy museums and observatory. The place has been featured in many movies including Pirates of the Carribean and Namaste London. Enroute via ship they will see Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, St. Paul Cathedral and many other monuments.

The walk to the top of the Greenwich observatory will make them tired but the view on a clear day upto O2 arena and Canary Wharf will really make them feel that they are in the best place of the world. Drinking a cup of hot coffee at the top of the hill will be great need and warm refreshment. 

Too tired after seeing everything and learning all about the geography they will be tired and wanting to have a quick lunch. The lunch will be available at the nearby ages old market of Greenwich. 

It will be time to take a london metro back to Tower Bridge and walk across till St. Paul Cathedral.

The day will end with having a gala Indian dinner at MALA restaurant near Dickens Inn showed in Desi Boyz movie in a place names St. Catherine Docks. The beauty of the ships parked and warm lights is amazing. People are having party there in their yachts also. 

After a day full of excitement and sight seeing it will be time to take rest. 

Next day will be the Lords Cricket Ground, London Zoo time along with Madamd Tussads museum as they are all near Baker Street metro station. London Zoo houses a lot of animals and has a full fledged Penguin aquarium. It's lovely to see them all waking and dancing. 

The trip will carry on day after day through the shopping centres, roads, museums, trafalgar square and many more such destinations but the feeling of happiness can never be taken away from any of their faces to see the city that I so much in love with. I hope they will also fall in for the city and it's delights. 


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Written for Indiblogger & Creating happy travellers contest!