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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Smelly To Smiley! - Damp Room Walls Challenge

Hi Guys,

No matter what you do, there is no escape from a room where you have the dampness all around the walls. It become more worse and torturous when there is no windows that opens outside to get the fresh air in. Dampness causes a lot of diseases in your body and you can't stay fit for long is what I feel. I can't stand a damp room even for an hour. 

The uneasiness all the while breathing in a damp air is what motivated me to go search for the right product which can atleast bring it down. Checking on many companies products like odonil, airwick and several room fresheners and even using perfumes and deo's but none was effective for a longer period of time. 

Finally, I came across this AmbiPur Air Effects which I received as a Indiblogger Goodie in one of the meets that happened in Delhi. I thought if they are saying and going gaga over this thing, let's challenge the product. 
I went on to search for the location of dampness in one of the known house. I took this AmbiPur product and sprayed more than 3 sprays to bring the freshness that I wanted and desired in that damp room. 

Finally it was a great damp remover for some time that I wanted to stay there for testing purposes. Let's hope that it can bring some change to all those who are suffering from damp walls in their newly build houses or water drenched houses or wherever they want to use the same. 

More information can be found out at -
Still waiting for the samples that I have to receive as a part of Indiblogger contest and phone call received. 


  1. Once i got back home after a one month long vacation and this is the exact feeling I had the minute I got back inside the house. Ambipur surely does help, I use the spray as its instant and effective.

  2. Thats good to know about what you actually felt about the product. I got the car sample but missed this one ( was full before I landed on to the page)

  3. Yup! It's effective and really clears up the bad smells from the surroundings instantly. Cheers!!!

  4. I applied for the sample but these courier guys I can't trust as many a times, they run away with your goodies. Sometimes I have seen them signed themselves against your goodies. :-(

  5. Thats good its nice product because its smelly air to heaven way.
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