Monday 23 September 2013

An Android App a day - 20. Angry Birds

Hi Guys,

Many games comes and goes, you like them for a day or two and then move on to another one, but some of the games becomes your favorite for life. It doesn't matter even if you start playing it from the start "n"th number of time, you will fall in love with ANGRY BIRDS.

Angry Birds Series is the most popular game on mobiles and I still remember when I was using Google G1 and this game was launched. I could not play the same on my mobile android OS 2.3v because of very less RAM memory. The game could be downloaded but couldn't be played.

It was only when I upgraded to Nexus One, I could start playing the game. Meanwhile, I was playing the web version of the game and also got to play the game on Nokia N8 Symbian phone.

Even after starting the game from zero, I really loved playing it again and again to get those 3 stars in each levels. Cheers to the makers of the game

Meanwhile, I still have to get all of them installed in my HTC One but the fun I will get by playing the games will be worth it. I have an upcoming travel scheduled soon so will make the most of that chance to sweep through the initial levels.

The various versions of the Angry birds are
 1. Angry Birds

 2. Angry Birds Seasons 

3. Angry Birds Rio

4. Angry Birds Space

5. Angry Birds Star Wars I & II

6. Angry Birds Friends

This game has awesomeness written all over it and no matter how many times you play the game, you will definitely find another angle to release your birds towards the bad piggies.

Looking forward to keep playing the game till the end of time.

App Rating - 4.75/5


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