Tuesday 1 October 2013

Product Launch - LG G2 #Great2Haveyou 30 Sep 2013

Hi Guys, 

It was a sunday evening and I saw one of my friend winning a mobile phone from LG on twitter. I didn't knew that they are giving out new model yet to be launched to my friend. I saw their timeline to know more about the phone and saw that they are launching the phone on Monday 30 Sep, at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. I requested the team to make me a part of the launch event and instantly received their response and got my invite early morning next day. Thanks to LG India for the invite. 

As I reached at the time, the whole path to Nautanki Mahal was red carpeted.

After having Tea and snacks the hall was illuminated inviting G2 to be launched asap. 

The event started with a welcome speech from the Managing Director, LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Soon Kwon.
 Here is a snapshot of him delivering the speech and welcome one and all for the event.

Soon Mr. Amit Gujral, Head Marketing MC, LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd took over the stage and starting introducing the phone. It was mainly in five departments - Design, Display, Camera, Sound and User Interface.

 LG did make us of the dead space to feature in 3000 mAh battery inside G2.
 The screen size of LG G2 is just right which falls in between Smartphone and Phablet Group.
 LG Dual routing makes user interface and touch great.
 The G2 display is bright and full HD IPS better than other smartphones available in the market today.
 LG G2 has pure sound used in Hi-Fi systems with 24 bits, 192kHz.
LG G2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor inside which really makes it fast and great.
 All the features used in the phone are learned from consumers via a detailed survey done in all markets by LG research team.
After the features, it was time to see some of the great features built inside the LG G2. Slide Aside makes movement between three apps with three fingers swipe.
 Audio Zoom lets you record your kids voice amongst a group of kid while recording video's using LG G2 13 megapixel camera.
 LG G2 has a guest mode built incase you need to share phone with your kids or family. Your sensitive data will stay protected and you can give your G2 phone to other with confidence.
 Finally, It was the time of the launch and Mr. Soon Kwon came and unveiled the phone. Here is the LG G2 beauty in full bloom.
 The forum was soon open to the questions and answers. After that the event was over with a lunch and experience zone to check out LG G2 phone by the media and phone reviewers.

Here is my first view of the phone. Really light weight and shiny glossy plastic.G2 has bright colors as it has Graphical RAM built inside it.
 Now coming to the best innovation that this LG G2 phone will be remembered forever and ever. LG G2 has no buttons on the sides and has buttons made in the back in the middle so that it can be controlled using the index finger. I really felt amazed to touch and see them work. It helps to grip phone easily and really help to use it with a single hand.
These keys can be pressed and volume can be controlled using them. Camera can also be controlled using them. Also, double knock on the screen wakes the phone up. The phone has IR built into it to control various remote controls. Overall, I found the LG G2 to be worth buying. 

I thank www.lg.com/in‎ for inviting me to the launch of G2. I really loved to be there and hope that I will get future invites too. The press kit that was only given to selected few included a pendrive, a rechargeable boom portable speaker & a photo stand with watch. 
More info at - http://www.lg.com/in/g2

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