Friday 20 September 2013

Twitter Goodies - Comic Con 2013 at Hyderabad

Hi Guys,

Comic Con is one the biggest festival for the lovers of Comics. It happens world wide and I was able to attend the one that happened in London way back in 2011. After than I enrolled for Delhi to be a volunteer but could not go to attend the interview and could make it to the event also. Felt really sad! This year it's happening in Hitex, Hyderabad where I have attended various events when I used to live in Hyderabad way back in 2005-2007. Do make the best of this opportunity as the event happens on 21 and 22  Sep 2013. Also there are a lot of free goodies on the offer along with an awesome bag which I won't be able to get for myself.

Here is something my family member won in one of their daily quiz contest -

Comics will always be able to attact all old and young alike with it's colors and script.

Cheers to those who will be able to attend the event. More info at

Thanks a lot!