Wednesday 25 September 2013

An Android App a day - 21. Diversion

Hi Guys,

Another game from the Google Play store which really tested my nerves as I continued playing it till I reached the end of it is Diversion. It has great graphics and amazingly new obstacles to pass through with right timing to cross the same. This is a running game in 3D format and you can spend all of your free time going from one level to another. 

Diversion has more than 200 levels and difficulty level keeps on increasing just like other games. A third person camera angle captures the whole game play. 

I have played a lot of the same while traveling in London Tube from Wembley to London Bridge and the time spent in travel seems to be always less than what my character needed to reach podium.

Enjoy this gem and run run and run a lot. 

App Rating - 4/5