Saturday 7 September 2013

An Android App a day - 15. Kindle

Hi Guys,

If you love reading and loves reading on the go on your smartphone or tablets, then Kindle is the app for all of us. Amazon.In offers a lot of offers to get latest book for free on their Kindle app. During the launch of Amazon India they offered many books for free on your kindle.

Get your kindle app on your smartphones from -

The Kindle app saves all your books on your device and also the point of your last read. You can go back to your reading later and start from there. I have read several books using this app. Also, if I am not reading and found some free great book that I can read later, I grab the opportunity and save them in my Kindly Amazon ID. The background font and color can be changed to suit your reading habit.

More info available at -; &

App Rating - 4/5


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