Friday 27 September 2013

Live_InStyle - McDowell's Karaoke World Championshiop - Zonal Finals

Hi Guys,

I was a lucky fellow to be selected by Live_InStyle ( to cover one of the most sought after Karaoke Title Championship in the city. LiveinStyle is one of the best guide to leading a glamorous and stylish life. I really loves to watch all the events unfold in front of my eyes on their website. This is really a tool to remain aware about what's happening in your city.

The venue selected for the Zonal finals of this year's 2013 KWC Indian Trials was 100% Rock at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. It started raining in the evening and in Delhi, during evenings if it starts to rain, you can caught up in traffic jams for hours. I was a bit anxious about reaching the location on time so I called up the McDowell's contact & he said don't worry as the event will start late by around 900pm. As I traveled to the venue on a rainy day on my bike, the cool breeze really relaxed me a lot. I loved the time in the travel to reach the destination around 830pm. I called up the contact and he briefed me about the event. 

McDowell's is associated with Karaoke World Championship ( for the last two years and this is their third season with the event. The winners from India (1 Men and 1 Women singer) will take on the other nationals in Finland. Today at Delhi, it was the zonal finals between 25 top most amateur singers from all around this region. They could have been walk-ins from regional rounds or via their Google Play app ( or wild card entries. All the selected 6 winners from all the zones will meet in Mumbai to fight for the grand title along with a wild card entry to make the competition again 25 contestants. All the very best to all the contestants.

Coming back to the Zonal finals held at 100% Rock, Delhi - The place was full of energy as I entered the arena. Contestant were already practicing on their prepared tracks and there was a lot of enthusiasm all around. Let's check out some of the pictures clicked by me and more pictures can be find out at the or

 The sponsors pad

The stage waiting for the contestants to perform.

The trophies looking for their well deserving winners. 

The people chilling before it's time for action. 

Some inspiration was there in the surroundings and setup was amazing to perform.

 The host for the evening introducing the judges to all of us.

Behold....who are the judges?

Let's keep this a mystery and let the next image bring about them all in one shot!

Wait for it....

Any Guesses????
Here they are - the some of the most famous and well established names in the Music Industry. Stating from left is Aditya Jassi, Meiyang Chang, Nandini Srikar, Shibani Kashyap & Ishq Bector. WoW! The cheering was loud and full of whistles as they took the seats of judges. I was really very very happy to see all of them together in front of my eyes. I have only seen them on Television and youtube video's. I am thankful to for this amazing opportunity to see the stars in front of my eyes. Let the competition begin -

 The very first contestant rocked the stage completely.

The judges with their notepads judging contests on the defined parameters.

The singing continues on original sound tracks. I can tell you all one thing, that I tried singing the song on the Karaoke App at home some days back and I found myself so funny that I never tried it again. It's not at all easy to sing Karaoke. Hat's off to these amazing participants.

The singer from Lucknow with a bollywood track - O re Piya from Aaja Nach le

The Delhi Girl totally rocked the stage.  
Some buddy time together between the otherwise busy guests.

Another girl brought to us Adele song. She was so great, I hoped she could also sing another song of Skyfall track. 

The Delhi Daredevil rocked the stage with his unusual song and performance. 

The smartest contestant of the evening from Gurgaon. Some whistles from a lot of girls came along. 

This contestant must have got all the marks for taking the stage and burning it up. Awesome stage presence. 

Finally, it was the company who stood behind and covered for all the event for all of us. McDowell's No. 1 Soda thanks a lot for taking out the talent from India and taking them to World Karaoke stages. I hope someone's dream will come true in another week's time to travel to Finland and perform to the world.

Thanks for fulfilling a dream come true to witness a singing competition live.

Looking forward to be in this glamorous and stylish world always!!!