Saturday 21 September 2013

An Android App a day - 19. Flipkart

Hi Guys,

Flipkart has been the most successful online store for Indian customers offering all types of stuff. These days a lot of contests offer flipkart vouchers as prizes so that the customer choose their own stuff. The mobile app will give a chance to browse through the various stuff at your leisure. I downloaded and tested the app and found the same to be really working well as I could easily search what I am looking for. 

This app will definitely help us in window shopping or some electronic stuff research before taking a buying decision. We can quickly check the price of the stuff online at flipkart and check offline store or the actual store where you are standing. This app will really help people like me to make a faster decision to buy in store or at online store.

The GUI of the app is amazingly fast and good. Till amazon reached it's zenith in India, Flipkart stays to Rock! 

Check out app at

App Rating - 4/5

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