Monday 9 September 2013

An Android App a day - 16. Air Patriots

Hi Guys,

There are many options available today to pass time as you wait outside in queue for Doctor's appointment or Passport office B section or any other place where wait it more longer than you ever expected. 

I have been into playing computer/mobile games since my childhood and have been able to hop from one to another. I still remember when we used to hire that Media playbox for a night at Rs 40/- and used to attach the same with our TV and play Super Mario, Spartan, Tank and many more games till 2 am in the morning or till the time mom came to scold us. Then the focus shifted to playing Bricks games on the handheld video game. After a while mobile games - snakes etc took the charge and meanwhile computer games has been with us throughout. Who has not played Road Rash or Need for Speed on his/her laptop/desktop etc? 

Air Patriots is one of those games makes you think about the strategy and competitive edge to use your aircrafts to kill enemies tanks. I really love playing the game on my Nexus7 tablet. The never ending tanks of the enemies keeps you on your toes and the difficulty level keeps on increasing.

Do check the game and enjoy the ride.

App Rating  - 4/5

Thanks a lot! Cheers!!!