Monday 9 September 2013

An Android App a day - 17. Benji Bananas

Hi Guys,

Playing games is the thing that I keeps on doing as an easy resource to pass the time but then later I feel guilty that there has been a lot of pending books to be read. There is always something good that keeps coming up in the world of Apps and games. With a lot of different operating systems, something or the other keeps on coming in the iPhone or the Windows or Android worlds.

Benji Bananas is one of those games which has the fun of being a Tarzan wonder boy and jump across the trees via Vines. The game play is easy as well as difficult. If you get some powers, it will be easy else it will be long and tough. The jump from one vine to another is simply great. The background music of the app is simply enthusiastic.

This game is really happy go lucky and you can always jump up high in the air. 

App Rating - 4/5