Wednesday 4 September 2013

Smelly To Smiley! - Saag & My Punjabi Nostalgia

Hi Guys,

Saag/Palak is one of the most famous Punjabi dish along with the Makke ki Roti so famous worldwide. But we never knew the efforts that needs to be done while you are preparing it. Hours and hours of efforts goes into making this marvellous and tasty dish. 

My smelly story is about the preparation part of SAAG which mom used to cook in winters. As we hails from Punjab, so it's a more of the compulsory thing that is done in winters and many times over and over again. It involved cutting of PALAK leaves and then washing them thoroughly. After washing it needs to be boiled and that is where it was the air that's filled with some different kind of smell in the air. I don't say that I didn't liked the smell but too much of it usually creates a confusion in the mind. Too much of pressure cooker whistles really is enough to cover whole house in this smell. Once it is there in the air, it keeps itself contained in the room for very long. People visiting your home can easily ask for dinner as everyone loves Makke ki roti and Sarso ka saag with Gudh. The smell is very strong and kind of full of pungent elements.

I used to stay near the window so that I can have a feel of fresh air too. Generally mom used to cook the same early in the morning as the process is long and once it's prepared, it will be eaten for at least a week or so till it's finished. Only the garnishing or tadka is added to the raw Saag. In Punjab Villages, it is cooked in the open in the angeethi and all the smells are flown to the atmosphere but in cities it's not an option that is available.

I am thankful to AmbiPur that it has come up with something like these AIR EFFECTS
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I have fallen in love with Blossoms and Breeze fragrance and just a single spray of the same really brings the air in the room to life! It has a great effect on the atmosphere and you break away from the bad smells of the room. When I used it for the first time, I really feel great and felt that this is the Samurai of fragrances which can always kill every other bad smell and turn that smell into smiley :-)

 A lot of other fragrances are also available in the market with price tag of around 300/-

Saag fragrance is a past story now as I use to freshen my room using this Air Effects and really thankful to AmbiPur for this research to bring life in my life!


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