Sunday 29 September 2013

Ambi Pur Home Range - Boiling Boiling BURNT

Hi Guys, 

The power of fire is very strong as we can have a lot of things done using it starting from cooking food to running a train. Some time back, I was having a holiday and no one was at home as my mom and dad went outstation and my wife went to her company. My kid went to school and I was left all alone to boil the milk. 
As planned I thought I will be boiling the milk and it hardly takes 10 minutes so I poured the milk in the container. It was complete 2.5 litres of milk that I put on the gas. I promptly kept the light of kitchen ON to remind me of the boiling milk. 

Meanwhile a call came and I went on to attend to that and after that I was completely lost in a movie watching the same on my laptop. It was after around 1.5 hoursas I smelled something pungent flowing around. I checked my laptop wires and other bathroom appliances to check what happened? But then as I went on to check further, I saw a lot of smoke in the kitchen and saw that the gas was still on and there was a huge black stones insides the container which had milk earlier that day. 

I forgot completely and slowly and steadily milk converted to rabri to burnt rabri and finally into stone. I quickly moved the burnt milk with container to the open atmosphere and poured a lot of water in the same.

It was a dark heavy air that took the whole home and I quickly opened all gates and windows but the burnt smell was very strong. It took another hour to atleast bring the kitchen to the visible level without smoke. But by the time maid came at 130pm she smelt something unbearable and she was not able to stand in the kitchen to wash the utensils. And also I was afraid that my wife and family members will keep this event in mind always and will give me a hard time forgetting the same. 

I tried some local room fresheners and agarbatti/dhoop we used for Puja purposes but nothing was taking away the burnt smell so strong from the kitchen. 

Somehow I remembered that I got these amazing AmbiPur air effects range from Delhi meet so quickly I searched for the same and found out them in the bathroom hidden in the almirahs. It was time to the final countdown and I quickly sprayed a full five six sprays so as to completely wipe out the burnt smell. But it was not easy to go and Ambi Pur has to fight it's best to give some pleasant fragrance. I don't know how it worked but I went on the kitchen again after half an hour and sprayed some more so as to completely wipe out the bad smell to turn my misdeeds from Smelly to Smiley! :-P 

Thanks to AmbiPur the smell was so subtle but it became visible to my family via the burnt container that took around 1 month by the maid to slowly clean it. The milk became so hard that knife was also not able to cut through. The maid kept me saying that it's difficult to clean the container and we should throw away the same. 

It was a great day when I forgot myself in the work I was doing while the whole house burnt to milk smell. Never ever go out of the kitchen when you have put the milk for boiling is my moral of the story.

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