Tuesday 17 January 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 48 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Week 48 - Sat 26 Nov 2022 - Fri 02 Dec 2022

Week 48 is the last week of November going into December 2022. I did what kept me at bay for so long and that was the booster dose for the Covid-19 vaccine. I went to Tara Hospital at 50, Saxon Road, Hurlingham which is the place which is still doing Pfizer vaccination in case you need to go. After that, for 2-3 days I was down and really down due to the third dose. 

1. Daily Walking - I completed the month of Nov-22 at my highest ever with 115.86 kilometres in total for a single month. This has been the best performance during the whole year of 2022. I did around 30.65 km in total for this week. The week ended with me reaching 925.69 km and for the rest of the 3 weeks, I need to do only 75km to reach 1000 km. With all the efforts done in Nov-22, I could reach the target.  

2. Entertainment - I watched Chup! a movie that I watched in anticipation of it being good but it's a one-time watch. I also loved watching Khakee: The Bihar Chapter based on the book and life of IPS officer Amit Lodha. The series has been made really well and is available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. I also watched a movie on YouTube called Zed Plus which is an old 2014 movie. I watched the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that's been pending for a long long time. I didn't like it much but overall it's also a one-time watch for sure. There have been some missing components that only came together at the end and it's a great emotional ending that will uplift the future of the Black Panther movie series.

3. Covid-19 Booster Vaccine - I took my third vaccine from Pfizer and it really made me nostalgic as to how I was suffering when I was actually down due to Covid. It's a real eye-opener that life is too short to let your ego take all the decisions. I felt okay only after 2-3 days and as Covid is rising again in China, let's wait and watch the impact if any on the other countries. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 48 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
4. 10 Years of The Life's Way - December is the month when I celebrate my blog The Life's Way and this year it will complete its 10th anniversary on 27 Dec 2022. I have no giveaways planned as this year I reduced the time I spent on my blog and only did around 138 blog posts with very less press releases. No brands collaborated so I invested my time in books and audiobooks. Going to 2023, I will only post for those brands which will do some collaborations with me through trade exchanges or sponsored posts. You only have limited time and don't waste it living a wishful life where in reality you are not getting anything in return. 

5. getAbstract - Do you have 15 minutes to enhance your knowledge like never before? If you are a frequent traveller and can't invest time in completing the whole book reading then you can stay in touch with all the latest releases across your niche and interest by reading the summaries of the books. You can also listen to the same too if doing some jogging or exercise. You can grasp the main learning points from the books in the shortest time possible. If you love Quotes and want to tell someone those are specially bookmarked by the website. You can learn more about the authors as well. It can also download (Mobi format) for offline reading on your kindle free of cost or you can send it using the kindle email but Amazon will charge a small fee. The library now includes videos and podcasts from all the famous non-fiction authors. So what are you waiting for? If you subscribe using the link, you will get a massive 30% discount on any of your membership plans!

This year I have invested in a lot of learning platforms like getAbstract, Skillshare, Mindvalley, Masterclass etc and in 2023 for sure I will schedule myself to get the most benefit out of all of them and will share with you guys too! 


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