Saturday 21 January 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 52 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Week 52 - Sat 24 Dec 2022 - Fri 31 Dec 2022

This is the last week of the year 2023 and for the whole week, we will be sightseeing in Mauritius and seeing a lot of beaches and enjoying the warm tropical weather by switching on the AC inside the car. The temperature it seems is too hot to handle as we have never faced such kind in Johannesburg in the last 9 years of being here. The body has not adjusted itself to Joburg's temperatures and can't take any other without getting uneasy. The taxi drivers don't own the AC in Mauritius even after you say them to because they love the hot weather. 

1. 10 Years of The Life's Way - I celebrated the 10 years of The Life's Way by relaxing on a beach and seeing some new beaches in Mauritius. I ate food at the Sitar Restaurant in Tamarin, Mauritius. 10 years back when I started thinking about the name, it took me 2-3 days to come to finalize the name of The Life's Way. Also, many other people guided me to get the domain name from the start and another one told me to have the visiting cards made. It really guided me in the right direction and I still love those moments when I won some of the big contests via my blog writings. I am not going to please anyone again in 2023 and do what I love most, what I want to write and the brands who value me will get my total support. 

New Year Resolutions - Week 52 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

2. Last Week in Mauritius - We stayed in Mauritius till 30th Dec and so far we have come across a lot of good places to eat Indian food, especially since the taste is not matched even in Johannesburg restaurants. One of the main ones that really left an impression is in a food court of Super U Grand Baie mall called Indian Flames. Some of the items served are really nice like Idli Sambhar, Dosa Sambhar and Samosa Chaat. Even their golgappas are nice as the spicy tangy water they prepare is really great. Another one we loved is Sitar Restaurant in Cap Tamarin Super U mall. I didn't buy any local mobile number but the trick was that every restaurant & McDonald's now offers some kind of free wifi that helped us to book taxis and check our WhatsApp etc. 

3. Resolutions - It's time to make some resolutions but I think this year only a single resolution or word to follow is ACTION. Take action fast and with full force. Don't second guess as the universe likes speed. I am going to do things that I have never done before, take risks, fail fast and recover from the same. Let's create content that's not there on YouTube and the rest is in the hands of Lord Shiva. For a long time now, I have moved into the bhakti of Lord Shiva - bholenaath or Mahadev. When you close your eyes and chant MAHADEV the sensation emerges in your whole body? Have you tried it or do it now and let me know! 

4. Daily Walking - Finally after all the hard work and tracking the same, I completed the 1000 kilometres on 25th December 2022 and somehow it was done on a day that half of the world celebrates. I stopped tracking after completing 1000 kilometres so did around 13 kilometres in total. I am still thinking if I am going to continue the same in 2023 or will move to other kinds of exercises. I want to spend 2023 learning Yoga and meditation for sure. I ended the year with 1011.48 kilometres tracked using the Huawei Watch GT2e. 

5.  Happy New Year 2023 - We came only in the afternoon after the flight we booked was cancelled by Kenya Airways and spent all night running around the Nairobi airport I have not thought that never I am going to fly with them ever again. We came around 1pm to home with Pizza Hut and McDonald's takeaways. I totally loved the Pizza Hut Giant Chocolate cookie that came free with the large pizza. I only woke up at 8pm in the night and then the restaurants were getting closed at 930pm so we rushed to Punjabi Tadka for some dinner and thereafter spent the New Year countdown at the kid's zone in Montecasino. It was nice and we were satisfied that we could rest during this December break. 

I hope you guys have the wonderful new year 2023 and create goals that can help you move forward in your life, career, love and money. I wanted to change my money mindset last year but somehow the focus got lost during the year so I am renewing the same this year as this needs to be taken care of. I am so grateful to Universe for everything that they have given me throughout the year. 


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