Tuesday 10 January 2023

You Want To Earn Money using Your Social Media Platforms? Join #theSalt #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,
If you are an influencer or trying to become one! If you are a blogger or on any other social media platform - join #theSalt influencers platform to earn some money!

Let me tell you a bit more about what they do and how you could earn a bit extra by joining theSalt family.

theSALT is an initiative of the Nfinity Group of Companies, a leading South African media group. By connecting your lifestyle with prominent brands, we help you become part of selected marketing campaigns.
You Want To Earn Money using Your Social Media Platforms? Join #theSalt #TheLifesWay

You’ve heard of Influencer Marketing, right? Well, in effect, we help you become an influencer for a brand. And the thing is that it is really simple to do! Once you have been selected as an influencer, all you will need to do is to interact with your community around aspects of the campaign.

theSalt team will be at your side the whole way so there is nothing to be worried about. Then, the brands will pay you for the exposure. In fact, if you are selected for a campaign, you could earn up to R3000* per month just by doing your everyday activities and posting about it on your social media accounts.

To sign up, simply complete the application form and wait for them to find the perfect campaign for you. Link to action - https://app.thesalt.co.za/join/ynwjv

A tip from me who has been doing campaigns with them since the start of 2022 and so far have done around 5 campaigns including brands like Uber Eats, OneCart, Ensure, OneDayOnly and SAB. They give you cash that gets deposited in your bank account which is much more beneficial than the free products we don't need or use. Also, they don't deduct any percentage of commissions as you get what they will tell you upfront at the start of the campaign. Also, as an added bonus there are always some gift vouchers or products that come as additional benefits which makes your earned money go a long way! My recent desk setup which had the arm for a monitor came using their gift voucher only! 

Check out this video - 

MY TOP TIP - Regularly check theSalt website once you have created your account for the quizzes! Try to fill them out as soon as possible because based on your answers, they select you for the upcoming campaigns. 

The other best thing is that they promote your tweets, posts etc and take them to millions of other people as per the requirements of the campaign giving you free exposure. My Uber Eats photo reached 5 Million people on Facebook as they promoted it a lot because I feel it was shot well with all the family in a single frame focusing on the Uber Eats delivery of groceries. A lot of people who don't even follow me on Facebook told me later that they saw my photo on the Uber Eats promotions! 
You Want To Earn Money using Your Social Media Platforms? Join #theSalt #TheLifesWay
So what are you waiting for? - Join using my link and I will welcome you at the other end of the influencer marketing campaigns - https://app.thesalt.co.za/join/ynwjv


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