Friday 20 January 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 51 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Week 51 - Sat 17 Dec 2022 - Fri 23 Dec 2022

Week 51 is entirely spent relaxing on the beaches of Mauritius and enjoying the luxurious holidays of my life. Never ever I have spent so much money for a single day charge for a resort. This has been the most expensive holiday ever in my whole life span of 42 years. 

1. Daily Walking - I did a lot of kilometres during the course of this week around the resort and various other spots on the island I eventually reached 995 kilometres from the 958km I completed last week. It is a massive 37.26 kilometres in a single week. Now you will know how and why people feel tired when they go overseas on a trip to any tropical island? Even inside the resort, you do have to do a lot of walking around etc which makes your body stretch high because you are motivated to enjoy there but as soon as you hit the back/reset button and then every muscle of your body does a rendevous with your mind. 

2. Mauritius Trip - We booked into an all-inclusive resort thinking that it will be difficult otherwise but the cost of the same is also high. Considering I am vegetarian and a non-drinker of alcohol, it doesn't make any sense for me to go on an all-inclusive resort accommodation. In total, we must have drank 10-12 water bottles that were not covered in the package if we have taken half-board or full-board or even bed and breakfast then also I would have paid around ZAR 400 for the same whereas I paid ZAR 11000 per night for full-board and half-board would have been ZAR 6000. I would still get breakfast and dinner that's the main part of the food you want to eat. So for a person who's vegetarian or vegan, and doesn't drink alcohol or eat seafood, going half-board is the best option to choose and save a lot of money. The only pleasure was that we didn't have to check the price of anything before ordering as everything was covered from the first portion of the menu in most of the restaurants and lunch stalls. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 51 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

3. Sightseeing in Mauritius - After roaming around from corner to corner and all four directions of the island, there is nothing that's so important or that you will miss if you don't see it. We live in South Africa which is thousand times more beautiful than Mauritius so for me, Mauritius was nothing special. The only thing is that there are very less waves due to coral reefs around the whole island and white sand makes the water turquoise up to 1000 meters around the island. There is no taxi service like Uber but there is one Yugo app which only fetched us the same 2 drivers, again and again, every day. This app was working fine in the Gansbaai and Trou Aux Bitches areas. 

4. Meeting Your Best Friends - There is no great feeling than meeting your best friends after a gap of many years. I have some good friends from our MBA time in Hyderabad and we organized a meeting during the trip to India on 26-Jan-2020 didn't know that we won't meet again till this trip with one of them. My friend in question came all the way from Thailand to meet us in Delhi in 2020 and now he got transferred to Mauritius so we met him thrice during the trip. I think this is the longest we have spent time with him since 2007 when we used to all stay together in a flat in Srinagar Colony sharing a common dream to do something in life. Some of the dreams are not fulfilled but some got fulfilled for sure. 

5. Activities in Mauritius - I did some of the activities that I have not done earlier and did some after a long long gap of multiple years. I did the Kayak and there was a glass bottom kayak as well that I did twice and another one multiple times as per the energy I have in my body. The coral reefs that we see in Mauritius are not as colourful as shown in Australia's videos or we may be doing it in a particular area named Balaclava. Let me know if you went diving and saw some better colourful corals?

Let me know how did you like this series of weekly posts across the whole year of 2022! It's just like a written version of vlogs. I wanted to write more stuff but didn't get time as I still think of myself as a disciplined writer but I take a lot of breaks when I am not able to focus. I think of myself as a superman but I am only a man who needs rest and other tasks take priority sometimes but I keep The Life's Way in my mind. 

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