Tuesday 10 January 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 47 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

Week 47 - Sat 19 Nov 2022 - Fri 25 Nov 2022

Week 47 became hectic as I also had to attend some launch events along with watching a lot of streaming content.

1. Daily Walking - Week 47 also saw me running from end to end as I reached 893 kilometres and also clocked my second 7+ km for the month. Overall it was an addition of 24.60 km towards the goal of 1000 km. I feel that I can reach the 1000 mark now despite taking some big breaks due to viral fever. The whole month of Nov-22 will definitely cross 100km as far as I see it now as I am around 92.5km in total for the month. 

2. Entertainment - I watched Drishyam 2 in Hindi but as I have seen the Malayalam version so I didn't was invested in this one that much. I watched it to just complete the series and see what angle Akshaye Khanna will bring into the case. I really invested myself in watching Mukhbir - The Story of a Spy on the Zee5 streaming platform that I really liked it. I also watched Dharavi Bank another web series on MX Player that has all the action and style but falls short in terms of getting the soul right. It has Suniel Shetty, Vivek Oberoi and Sonali Kulkarni but then also there is something missing to make it hit. 

3. Launch Events - Montecasino invited me to the launch night premier of Sinbad at the Monte Theatro. I really loved the comedy timings and the colourful set and dresses of the show. Montecasino again invited me to the launch of their Italian Village of Lights lighting up ceremony but due to rains 3D show was cancelled and moved out so we saw the lights getting lit. It was a great day with the Montecasino family. I also received the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone for review that will stay with me till the end of Dec-22 and all the photos will be using the same device going forward. 

4. Pending Tasks - I always fail to complete all my personal tasks which gives me a lot of irritation and burden in the mind. Though all those tasks will not take a day or two to finish my mind keep webbing a loop of problems around those tasks which leads to their never getting completed. I don't know why I am sometimes unable to get them completed. My mind will find a reason to not do it despite my irritation and intent to do it too. I write the same in my tasks list continuously but then also it won't get completed. I even follow the 2 min rule from David Allen's book Getting Things Done that I have been following since 2006. It's more about controlling your own mind rather than following any productivity methods or rules as in the end it's you who has to do it! This is my biggest failure every year! 

5. Getting into the FOCUS zone - The only way to complete all the tasks in point no. 4 is to get into a focus zone and then my mind gets controlled by the body and I do complete them one by one. I don't distract myself during this focus zone time but sometimes I get dragged by the social media tasks as well. But this focus habit is very good if you want to finish any of your tasks so dedicate some hours to FOCUS HOURS and finish all such tasks that are a burden on your mind and heart. 

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